MAC Straight Shot CAI Install

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The MAC Straight Shot is their newest offering in cold air induction and through independent testing has produced 17 RWHP increases!  Not only that, but the system looks fantastic! With nothing more than a few simple tools in hand, we were ready to make the swap to increase horsepower and dress up the engine while we were at it.

{mosgoogle}Once we had pulled the negative cable from the battery, unplugged the MAF, and pulled out the stock intake tube assembly we were ready to install the new MAC Straight Shot, which is now a highly polished stainless steel system that now uses an innovative velocity stack in conjunction with the high-flow conical filter (which bolts to the inside of the heat shroud to aid against heat saturation) to make the best use of the incoming air.  The filter is protected from underhood temperatures by the use of this polished stainless steel heat shroud that encompasses the filter so that cooler air is drawn from the fenderwell opening.

Because this MAC system uses more pieces than their previous cold air kits, the fit was a little tighter, so we set the system in place one piece at a time starting with the assembled filter, stack, and shield.  We then moved on to the MAF and its respective sleeves (this system provides a flange that bolts directly to the front side of the MAF so that the silicone sleeve can make the connection between it and the filter – see picture). 


We then attached the elbowed tube to the throttle body first and rotated the pipe into the supplied silicone sleeve at the back of the MAF sensor.  We performed a check for clearance and fit and once satisfied, tightened all the clamps and plugged the MAF sensor back up.  We then reconnected the battery cable and started the engine and checked for leaks, a correct idle, and proceeded to a test drive.  The engine responded very well to the upgrade and the high luster finish under the hood is definitely an attention getter! 

Note:  MAC suggests that anytime their systems are bolted on that the vehicle be run for approximately 25 minutes as this will aid the computer recognition process.

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