Exhaust Headers and Mid-Pipe Breakdown

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X Vs. H Pipes
H pipeX pipeNow let’s discuss the two main designs for mid pipes, H and X type.  An H pipe gets its name because there is a piece of pipe that connects each side of the pipe that connects to the header collectors (hence the name H pipe).  This pipe is supposed to help equalize the pressure and thereby create a better scavenging effect.  An X pipe however, has each side of the pipe meet in an X type junction.  Again the idea is to equalize pressure and create better scavenging. 

{mosgoogle}As a general rule, H pipes allow for more low-end torque and slightly less Horse Power than X pipes do.  Also, the sound note is quite different.  The X pipe has a raspy sound while the H pipe is more “muscle car” sounding.  As mentioned, the mid-pipe choice seems to mac-ltprobe a personal sound preference and most people who use chambered mufflers opt for the H pipe, while the straight through users tend to choose the X pipe.  Typically, the X pipe/straight through muffler combination yields higher HP and lower torque than the H pipe/chambered muffler design.  There is a third choice which only one manufacturer creates, and that is the MAC Pro-chamber, which consists of a box for a cross over. 

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