Painting Your Interior

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Remove The Pieces You Want To Paint.
torn apart interior

{mosgoogle}Doors panels: 
Unscrew the door locks. Pull on the door handle and gently pry the back of the door cup out, and remove.  Pry up the window switch plate/door pull, unscrew electrical switch panel from the plate.  Remove two screws found where the switch panel was located.  Pry out the Christmas tree fasteners found on the edges, and pull the panel up and toward the rear to remove.

Sill Plates:
Pry these up and remove.

Rear Quarter Panels:
Remove rear seat backs, push two tabs under seat bottom cushion to release rear seat bottom and remove. On the very top of the driver’s side panel, facing the rear of the car, toward the outside of the car, is a plastic retaining push pin, remove this.  Remove three or more retaining push pins – two are located where the seat cushion meets the panel, one is located toward the top on convertibles, the other half way down. The third or fourth one is located under the seat cushion you actually put your butt on, toward the front.

Seat Belts (Convertibles):
Remove the cover on the retracting assembly on top, just over your left shoulder and behind when you drive.  Unscrew the 3/8" Torx screw.  Note: Don’t try to remove the bracket that holds on the seat belt assembly by removing the two bolts on top, as it won’t fit through the Mach 460 speaker holes later. Also, don’t play around with the floor mounted assembly either, as it is more of a pain than its worth to remove. On the convertible, there is a plastic "T" piece that pulls straight up and out where the actual seat belt passes through the panel, pull it out. From behind the panel, pop out the smaller speaker grill. Be careful as there are metal clips that hold the grill in place and they can fly off. If one does take flight, use needle nose pliers to push the metal clip back on again. The large speaker grill does NOT come off, as the retaining studs have been flat-melted to keep the grill on. Slide the seat belt through the small speaker hole and then pass the seat belt retracting assembly through the speaker hole.

Front Kick Panels:
Pull the retaining pin and then gently pull straight back on the panel.

Glove Box:
Open the box, squeeze the back of the box together to disengage the box sides from the stop tabs, then remove a few screws.  Remove the latching mechanism by removing screws, then pull the glove box panel off.

Steering Column Panel:
Unbolt the two bolts on the underside at the rear edge of the panel.  Pull this rectangular piece down and off to remove.

Center Console:
Remove shift ball and boot if applicable.  Remove shifter bezel as stated below in the next set of instructions.  Remove two hex nuts at front top location up toward where the radio is located.  Open the center glove box and remove the two front rubber stops.  Unscrew the screws under the rubber stops.  When removing the box compartment, note there are two retaining clips toward the back on the sides.  Remove the two Torx bits at the bottom on top of a metal plate under where the bottom of the box was located.  Unplug the wiring harness from the back of the DC accessories socket. Disconnect any wring harnesses by way of their quick release connectors.  Pull the emergency brake up, and then remove the entire center console from the car.

Shifter Bezel:
For automatics, move the shifter to Neutral. Use a cloth and a slot screwdriver to pry the bezel away from the console.  Start at the top left and gently pry it away a little at a time while moving toward the bottom of the bezel.  Once there, start on the right side and move down toward the center. Pull the center section of the bezel away from the console and remove.  Disconnect the plug from the cigarette lighter and the gray clip from the traction control switch. To remove the cigarette lighter, depress the side clips and pop the unit out.  Remove the Traction Control module in the same way and push it through the front of the bezel.

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