Replacing Your 2001 Mach 460 Head Unit

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Here??s what you need to replace the head unit:

1)  A new head-unit with RCA outs on it. It is ideal to have a high-pass and low-pass crossover both built in as well. If you don??t have these crossovers, you will have to use the crossovers listed below in 4 and 5.

2)  Scosche Sound Kase SKFD223 – $25
Found at  This fills up the hole that is left underneath your new head unit. The space is filled with an area that holds 3 CDs.

3)  METRA 70-5519 Harness – $18
This is the only harness on the market that will work.  Go to  and search for “METRA 70-5519 FORD 2000-2001 AMPLIFIER INTEGRATOR PLUG.”

4)  Low-pass crossover for your subs (not needed if your head unit has a low-pass crossover built in).  Go to and search for ??FMOD?? and choose the frequency that you like.

5)  Bass Blockers for your tweeters (not needed if your head unit has a high-pass crossover built in).Go to and search for “BASS BLOCKERS.”
Choose the frequency that fits your liking.

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