New Take Off Releases OEM Ford Mustang Body Pieces

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New Take Off bumper for Ford Mustang

There is some point where the inevitable just cannot be stopped and sadly, it affects the faithful Ford Mustang owner all too often.  Fender benders, parking lot scrapes, and the rogue shopping cart at the mall can all wreck havoc on the fit finish of the legendary pony car.  If ever was a time to get the work done just right, with proper form and finish, it is now–the newly released OEM-fit bumpers and body pieces from New Take Off fit the bill perfectly.  These no-stress components for the 2005 – 2009 Ford Mustang offer the chance to repair any painted panel mishaps with the greatest of ease.  Keep reading to get a good look at the pieces and the official Press Release.

New Take Off bumper for Ford Mustang

New Take Off bumper for Ford Mustang

New Take Off bumper for Ford Mustang

Press Release

No Compromise

FT. WAYNE, IN… Accidents occur, everyday, from on the road mishaps to track time blunders. With no compromise is necessary to bring your car to its Original condition.

New Take Off offers Original Equipment components at below aftermarket prices. No hassle, original quality OE product with true OE fit, because it is OE. New Take Offs latest featured OEM product the GT Front Bumper for 2005-2009 Mustang. This featured component can be used to repair your GT or upgrade your V6 bumper to give a GT appearance package upgrade.

New Take Off offers Original Equipment Mustang front bumpers, rockers, grilles wheels and more. New Take Off offers only OE new take off parts which provides you the opportunity to upgrade your V6 or repair your V8 at a cost effective price with out compromising quality or fitment. has been operating since 1997 with the goal of providing the car enthusiast community with an affordable alternative for quality OEM parts. As the absolute authority on new take-off parts, is dedicated to providing the best customer service with timely delivery of all products sold. For further information visit or New Take Off at 888-240-0025.

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