Blown Away: Roush Power Pipe Kit

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Roush Power Pipe

Following closely on the coat tails of the the 2010 Roush 427R Ford Mustang, the folks at AFM have taken the wraps off their latest aftermarket intake piece.  This Roushcharger Power Pipe Kit (PKAF-0126C) for the 2009 – 2009 Ford Mustang is specifically tailored and tweaked (utilizing the new Abaco DBX 97mm digital mass air meter) to be applied to Mustangs equipped with the Roushcharger.  The PKAF-0126C is also equipped with the largest air box on the market, with over 819 cubic inches of cool, dense air flow being passed to the DBX 97mm digital MAM.  A 4.5″ mandrel bent, ceramic coated Power Pipe brings the fruit to market and results in a flow rate of 1300 CFM.

This Roushcharger Power Pipe Kit has resulted in an average increase of 17 rear wheel horsepower without the need to flash the computer as a result of the new airflow rate.  Couple this new Power Pipe Kit up with a bigger throttle body and/or a smaller supercharger pulley, and you have definitely got a winner!

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