Blind Man wins 2010 Ford Mustang Test Drive

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Blind Man wins contest for Ford Mustang drive

When it comes to the Ford Mustang and its faithful fan following, there are always great stories and memories involved. We’ve seen the 2010 Mustang given away to one of our Armed Services personnel. We’ve seen some great video productions in a recent Ford video contest. We’ve witnessed firsthand how a Shelby GT500 changed the way people think about Mustang modification. There is one recent unique story we’d like to share at this point: how a blind man got the chance of a lifetime when he won a (spirited) test drive in a brand new 2010 Mustang convertible. Roger Keeney had always dreamed of driving a new Ford Mustang, but since being blinded in 1990, he hasn’t quite had the chance to do so, let alone drive any car.

In spite of the odds and the offhand chance of Ford actually awarding him the drive, Roger decided to enter the Ford 2010 Unleashed contest and tell Ford just how he would unleash his Mustang side. A few weeks later, and much to his surprise, he received a phone call from a Ford rep stating he was invited to the Ford proving grounds in Phoenix, AZ to live out his dream of driving a new Ford Mustang.

Roger was able to (with some assistance from race driver Tommy Kendall) grab the wheel and complete several tests involving acceleration, braking, and lateral forces. What better way can you imagine spending a day than thrashing the tires on a Mustang? You don’t need to have eyesight to envision just how awesome this was for Roger Keeney.

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