StangNet member featured in MM&FF May 2010 issue

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StangNet member features in MM&FF

Alright, Ford Mustang fans–in case you have already overlooked it on the newsstand, we wanted to let you know that one of our very own, Chad Miller (celeste in the StangNet Mustang forums), has his car featured in the May 2010 issue of Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords. It’s been a long run to get his pristine 1989 Ford Mustang back into tip-top shape, but as you can see here, it’s been a project well worth the blood, sweat, and tears. Special thanks go out to Chad’s choice shop, Karnuts, as they’ve completed a lot of the behind the scenes work on this project. Take a good luck, everyone; this might be an issue of MM&FF you may want to buy and keep a while!

the rest of the story

Chad picked up the car locally and had always desired to own a 5.0, as it was the car to have back when he was in high school. Chad, we’ve ALL been there! After graduating college and kicking off his first year as a full-time teacher, Chad started in on the project by throwing every bolt-on imaginable (boy we miss those days) and an SN95 supercharger pumping out 5psi onto the car. As you can imagine, the story didn’t pause long for there.

Shortly after, Chad upgraded to some TrickFlow heads and a Novi 1000 @ 8psi. He was able to eek out a 11.51 @ 122mph quarter mile time while still utilizing the stock block and T5 transmission. After a few runs and some fun, the car started to smoke. Chad took the car into the shop for some paint and what he thought would be mild mechanical work.

three years later

There she was. The car was finally finished and it was way more than Chad had hoped for or expected. Initially, the car came out of the shop with a TKO600, but was soon swapped for the old faithful C4 in order to reduce the stress on the car.

This past winter, Chad was able to upgrade the wheels and get some rear disc brakes installed. It’s a good thing, with all the power the car produces after its extended sabbatical!

The last thing to complete on the car is the water injection setup. Everything is complete plumbed out and the only remaining task is to hook up the nozzle to close the system. Some folks might be wondering about the trunk tank–it is indeed a water tank, not a fuel cell. After the water injection system is completed and coordinated, Chad expects the car to easily pump out over 700rhwp on pump gas at the same boost pressure. Awesome.

Chad wanted to make special mention to thank his good friend Bernie Kasievich and Karnuts for the build-up work. He also wanted to thank Joan for being so supportive over the three and half years of this detailed build. Lastly, Chad’s parents also helped out in this venture, with providing the stable to house all of the “toy” cars as well as this fine Ford Mustang during the not-so-nice winter months.

Want more on the story? Go grab the May 2010 issue of MM&FF yourself–there’s an awesome writeup and pictorial there for sure!

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