American Muscle King of the Street competition

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Each year, a collection of street-proven Ford Mustang specimens convene in Bowling Green, KY to sort out just who will win the title “King of the Street”.  With several 8-second Mustangs on-hand and 7,000 horsepower rumbling about, these competitions are always a spectacle not to be missed.  AmericanMuscle teamed up with 5.0 Mustang editors Steve Turner, Mike Johnson, and KJ Jones in order to select & settle on a winner.  Judgment was based upon six categories: Ride & Drive, Horsepower, Fit & Finish, Engineering, Drag Race, and Popular Vote.  So, how did the competition go?   Who won?  Keep reading to find out more (video inside)!

Press Release

7000HP+ from the Baddest Mustangs on the Street – w/ the Video to Prove It

5.0 Magazine and’s King of the Street 2010

MALVERN, PA, FRIDAY, 10/08/2010: Every year the fastest and meanest street-able Mustangs in the country head to Bowling Green, KY for the King of the Street competition. 8-Second Mustang’s and 7000 horsepower, how could we miss that? AmericanMuscle [link-] joined 5.0 Mustang editors Steve Turner, Mike Johnson, and KJ Jones to determine who really is the King of the Street. The competition consists of 6 judged categories:

• Ride & Drive
• Horsepower
• Fit & Finish
• Engineering
• Drag Race
• Popular Vote

The Dyno Competition – 10/1/2010
All 9 contestants would face-off in a dyno competition to see who has the biggest horsepower output. While this is only one category of many, the horsepower competition also serves as bragging rights for a whole year! These cars put down some serious horsepower. Results from this competition were as high as 1139 Horsepower!

The Rest of the Events – 9/30/2010 (Track was 10/1/2010)
The judging would commence just outside Beech Bend Raceway, where Mike Johnson and Steve Turner (of 5.0 Mustangs and Super Fords) would go over each car with a fine-tooth comb. Once each car was judged and photographed, it was on to the Ride and Drive test.

Ride & Drive
Mike Johnson and the vehicles owner would take a cruise through the streets of Bowling Green, KY in the vehicle to see just how street-able each vehicle was. If your car had 1000 horsepower with air condition, power steering and smooth-shifting transmission – points were awarded.

Check out AmericanMuscle’s blog for more coverage.

Additional video:

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