Name the new Ford Mustang V6 Performance Package on Facebook

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Well, if you’ve ever wanted to be a part of the next coming of the Ford Mustang, here’s your chance.  For the 2012 Mustang V6, Ford is offering up the opportunity for the enthusiast community to be able to name the latest Mustang V6 Performance Package.  How?  Ford will flex its wings and engage the might of its social media campaign to solicit Facebook fans in order to harvest up potential ideas to apply an official name to the Performance Package, which offers the lightweight 305-horsepower all-aluminum V6, a 3.31 performance rear axle, and Mustang GT-based suspension & braking components.  Additionally, a set of styled 19-inch wheels and Pirelli performance tires add to the equation to keep all the unleashed power harnessed and under control.

So, what are you waiting for?  The contest only runs through mid-December, so you’d better hurry to enter the naming contest; the grand prize winner walks away with a two-year lease, courtesy of FoMoCo!

Press Release


DEARBORN, Mich., Nov. 19, 2010 – The Ford Mustang Facebook community is more than 940,000 strong, and they are being asked to put their heads together to come up with a name for the V6 Performance Package that gives Mustang an extra dose of handling performance. The contest to name the new package kicks off today on the Ford Mustang Facebook fan page.

“The V6 Performance Package is a great example of what’s at the core of Mustang – fun, fast and affordable,” said Amy Marentic, Ford group marketing manager. “It makes sense for us to continue the accessibility of the package by having our fans help name it, and it’s a fun and unique way to engage enthusiasts.”

Facebook fans can suggest a name on the Mustang Facebook page, and reach out to their friends in the social media world to help propel their pick to the top five names. A gallery on the Facebook page will let visitors see all of the choices that can be voted on. After the five most-voted names have been selected, Ford will choose the name that best shows off the personality of the package.

“We’re utilizing the power of social media to not only talk about what a fantastic package this is, but to also let Mustang fans across the country share a piece of it,” said Brian McClary, Ford social and emerging media specialist. “It’s a nontraditional approach to naming a piece of brand that millions of people identify with.”

The winner not only has the satisfaction of knowing his or her name will play a role in the iconic brand, but will also win a two-year lease on a 2012 Ford Mustang V6 with the Performance Package. Names can be submitted through mid-December, when the contest comes to a close.

Visitors to the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show also can get in on the fun by stopping at the Ford stand to submit their idea for the fast and fun package.

High-tech horsepower

The Performance Package takes advantage of the new 2011 Mustang 305-horsepower all-aluminum Ti-VCT V6 engine’s lightweight and high-revving nature to deliver a nimble performance car equally at home on a road course or a road trip.

Borrowing from the Mustang GT, the Performance Package includes numerous suspension, braking and body stiffening upgrades to deliver unparalleled handling performance. That road-holding is helped by a near-equal front/rear weight distribution, providing exceptional transient response along with the car’s slimmed-down curb weight of less than 3,500 pounds.

2012 Mustang Performance Package includes:

* A 3.31 rear axle ratio for quicker off-the-line acceleration

* Mustang GT coupe front and rear stabilizer bars

* Mustang GT front struts and rear shocks/springs

* Shelby GT500 rear lower control arm

* Unique 19-inch wheels

* Pirelli performance tires for improved grip

* Mustang GT front and rear brake calipers with Performance Friction pads

* A strut tower brace for increased body rigidity

* Unique electronic stability control calibration with sport mode for performance driving

* Unique badging

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5 Responses to Name the new Ford Mustang V6 Performance Package on Facebook

  1. Scott MacQuarrie 11/24/2010 at 1:21 pm #

    I suggest calling the new package the “Tarpan Package. Here is why:

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    Descriptions of the Tarpan by those who saw these wild horses in the flesh differ considerably. This may be because some of those describing him were evidently not horse experts, and another reason might be incorrect translations. Somewhat differing regional variants could also be an explanation.

    It should be mentioned that the Russian expert v. Falz-Fein (1919) declared the “reconstruction picture” of the Tarpan by Antonius (1913) for the Zoological-Botanical Association in Vienna to be inaccurate, and rather similar to the – completely different – Mongolian wild horse.

    In the late 1800s, Tarpans lived in a virgin forest near Bialowieza (Northeast Poland) and in the steppes of what is the Ukraine today. In 1812, the last were captured in Poland, in the Ukraine, the last one was killed in 1879. Another report (Heptner) dates the extermination at 1918, and yet another even claims the horses lived until 1924 in the mountains of the southern Ural.

    As mentioned, descriptions of the Tarpan differ. Sometimes a concave head profile is mentioned, which may have led to the assumption by some zoologists that the this horse had been the ancestor of the oriental horses (the best-known of which is the Arabian). This is a bold theory, because it is built on only three remaining skulls, one of which is known to be of a crossbred, anyway. One of the most-distributed sketches of a Tarpanclearly shows a convex profile. The above-mentioned v. Falz-Fein said the Tarpans had convex noses. He compared themn with the Mongolian wild horse (of which he had a herd on his “Askania Nova”) and described them to have been lighter in built, longer legged, with a smaller head and a more pronounced dorsal stripe.

    Even all information combined does not give us a definite picture of these East European wild horses. A further aspect is the very large habitat of the Tarpan, ranging from northern Poland to the Black Sea, which makes regional variants rather likely. Some researchers differentiate between the Wood Tarpans and the Steppe Tarpans. We can be reasonably sure, though, that the Tarpan was a light horse of grulla color, probably between 13 and 14 hh.

    Horses that are known to trace directly back to the Tarpan are Polish Koniks. Today, they are more and more simply called “Tarpans”, which is not correct. But Koniks can give us a pretty good idea what the original looked like, even though the Konikis are not pure Tarpans.

    • timeless2 11/24/2010 at 1:33 pm #

      Scott, you’d better submit that on Facebook!

  2. John McBride 11/24/2010 at 5:35 pm #

    Idea #1 – “Super 6″ or “SUPER SIX” Package
    Idea #2 – “Six Gun” Package
    Idea #3 – “Sprint 6″ – Bring back the Sprint 6 package. Back in the day this was kinda the “sport” package for the 6 cylinder Mustangs.

  3. Tim Sweet 11/25/2010 at 9:34 am #

    Boss GT

    The components span the legendary GT Cars.

    It’s only fitting.

  4. Bob Johnston 12/16/2010 at 9:43 pm #

    SS-supersix (SS, already well recognized automotive marquee)