MRT announces Fox Ford Mustang Hood Struts

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It’s been a while since we’ve seen a sharp, quality aftermarket product come out for the Fox-body Ford Mustang, so we’re up in front to tell you about the latest from Mustang Racing Technologies (MRT).  These Fox Mustang hood struts are designed to nip the need for the lame OEM prop rod and serve up a clean, crisp underhood look.  What’s more, these are the first hood struts aimed at the 1979 – 1993 Mustang!  Pretty awesome, also, is the fact these parts are designed & fabricated right here in the US of A.

Read more about these MRT hood struts in the PR snippet that follows…

Press Release

MRT Introduces 1979-1993 Fox Mustang Hood Struts

Plymouth, Michigan- MRT is proud to announce the MRT Hood Struts for 1979-93 Fox Mustangs. The MRT Hood Struts eliminate the factory hood prop rod and provide a clean, functional, performance look. They are the first hood struts for Fox Mustangs on the market and are designed, engineered and manufactured in the United States.

The MRT Fox Mustang Hood Struts reuse the factory attachment points and are a direct bolt on. They do not require any holes to be drilled. The hood struts are very easy to install and require only a 10mm wrench.

The MRT Hood Struts are available in all exterior vehicle colors or a high tech, black carbon fiber look.

MRT, headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan is a performance aftermarket engineering, customization and sales company that specializes in automotive exhaust, styling and performance.

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