Kenny Brown Ford Mustang suspension catalog

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OK, everyone.  Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past three decades, you know full-well the Ford Mustang has always been a treat to turn through the corners on the track or spin down the drag strip.  Furthermore, one of the best ways to maximize the experience is via modification to any Mustang suspension setup from stock to “not so”.  Kenny Brown Performance isn’t a stranger to the notion of refining chassis and suspension balance & performance to get the best out of every Ford Mustang from the advent of the Fox in 1979, all the way up to the upcoming 2013 Mustang.  The latest 2012 Mustang catalog from Kenny Brown features a complete lineup of parts which also touch back to any of the SVT Cobra models spread about from 1979 up through 2004.  It doesn’t stop there, however–even Shelby GT500 owners will have something to flip pages over and slap on their snakes with the offerings found within the catalog.

Keep reading to get the rest of the scoop for what Kenny Brown Performance has to offer!

Press Release

Kenny Brown 2012 Performance Chassis and Suspension
Catalog for 1979–2013 Mustang, Cobra, and GT500

Wauconda, IL —  Kenny Brown Performance recently released their performance chassis and suspension catalog for 1979-2013 Mustangs.  The new 2012 catalog is packed full with Kenny’s newest arsenal of products for the S197 Mustang, including his critically-acclaimed AGS 4.0 Suspension System.  You’ll also find a host of good stuff that has been reintroduced and is now back in production for the older 1979-2004 Mustang and SVT Cobra.

According to Brown, “we’re really excited to have our first new print and digital catalog in more than five years, but we’re even more excited about our aggressive product development strategy for 2012.  Later this year we will add another four to eight pages of just new products and complete suspension solutions, and follow that up with a hard-core motorsports catalog just for racers”.

Fox-body and SN-95 Mustang and SVT Cobra owners will be happy to see some of the most popular items such as; 3-point strut tower braces, Extreme Subframe Systems and Super Street Cages making their way back into the mix.  2005-2013 Mustang and Shelby GT500 owners should be pleased as well with Kenny bringing some much needed innovation to the new Mustang aftermarket, which has lacked considerably.

The most notable of the new offerings is probably his AGS 4.0 Suspension System, which Kenny boasts as being the most user-friendly kit on the market.  This “complete solution” focuses on the weakest areas of the Mustang’s suspension and addresses; roll-center, anti-dive, anti-squat, and camber curve to take handling to all new levels of grip and stability.  Regardless of whether you’re working on a dedicated open-track car, or just a well-balanced daily driver, the new 2012 Kenny Brown Performance catalog has all the right stuff to satisfy your chassis and suspension needs.

The new 2012 Kenny Brown Performance catalog is available by calling them direct – (855) 847-4477, or you can visit their online store at where you can download a PDF version or view the flipbook at

About Kenny Brown – Kenny Brown, a 25 year veteran in the Mustang performance aftermarket, is legendary for building some of the most technically advanced Ford Mustangs in North America. His critically-acclaimed AGS (Advanced Geometry Suspension) high performance suspension components for street and track-day Mustangs are some of the best and most innovative in the aftermarket. Kenny is a well-known celebrity in the Ford aftermarket and has played a critical role in Mustang racing heritage and new product development since 1986.

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