2015 Ford Mustang redesign says ‘no’ to retro look

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What was everyone excited about in 2005, in the world of Ford Mustang?  Oh yeah, the ditching of the SN95 platform and the advent of the S197 platform–a totally retro throwback to the classic Mustang era…with a modern twist.  That was nearly a decade ago, folks, and we all know that Ford isn’t going to sit on a warm egg forever.  Pretty much every notable media source, including Inside Line, is in agreement that the 50th Anniversary Ford Mustang is going to finally ditch the retro look.  So, while the neo-classical montage might take a trip to the dump, what we have to look forward to is a teasing of concept let loose from the advent of the 2005 Mustang, the 2010 Mustang, and nudges of aftermarket cues ever since the bread crumbs started to fall, leading up past the 40th–and now the 50th Anniversary.

So just what do we have to expect in year 50?  We’d say a global platform.  A non-retro look.  A Ford Mustang that sets a new trend in the aftermarket.  A pony car that not only exudes performance, but also efficiency to make other makes quite envious (as if not already accomplished)…

Keep reading the IL clip to get more on their take.  All we know is, we’ve been saving our pennies for a glimpse at one of these; we might even take one home. 😉

Inside Line clip:

Ford is preparing an edgy new Mustang for model year 2015 that borrows familiar styling cues.
The automaker wants the next-generation sports compact to have more appeal in global markets.
Mustang marks its 50th anniversary in April 2014.

DEARBORN, Michigan — As the venerable Mustang approaches its 50th anniversary in April 2014, Ford is preparing an edgy new design that borrows familiar styling cues, but should make the sports compact more appealing in global markets.

The next-generation Mustang is expected to hit the market in mid-2014 as a 2015 model.

A Ford insider who spoke Monday on background with Inside Line said the new Mustang will feature an exterior design that is “more technical, more modern.”

“The only thing ‘retro’ about it are the proportions — long hood, short deck,” the Ford insider said.

The 2015 Mustang will retain some historical design cues, such as round headlamps and triple-lens taillamps, but otherwise will get a much fresher appearance, drawing inspiration from such concepts as the Ford Evos from last fall’s 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show.

“It will still look like a Mustang,” the Ford insider emphasized.

A story last fall in Automotive News quoted Ford design boss J Mays as saying, “The challenge or the opportunity for 2014 with a 50th-anniversary car is to not just look back over your shoulder, but to try to win all of the Mustang faithful, yet bring the brand forward as well.” An earlier piece in Britain’s Auto Express speculated that the 2015 Mustang would be the “most European-friendly version of the coupe ever.”

The two drivers behind this dramatic reversal are Ford’s quest to reach younger buyers — the average age of the current Mustang owner is more than 50 years old — and CEO Alan Mulally’s “One Ford” mission to build more of the company’s products on common global platforms.

The 2015 Mustang will carry over the current model’s rear-wheel-drive configuration, but is expected to get independent rear suspension in place of a live rear axle.

The top-of-the-line Mustangs are likely to continue offering V8 engines, both normally aspirated and blown, with six-speed manual and automatic transmissions on tap. There is also talk of offering a larger-displacement version of the twin-turbocharged EcoBoost four-cylinder engine, perhaps around 2.5 liters with output of around 300 horsepower.

The Shelby subbrand will continue as well. According to the MustangsDaily.com Web site, Shelby American President John Luft said his company’s Mustang contract with Ford “has been extended through 2015 and beyond.”

Mustang sales in 2011 dropped to just over 70,000 units, less than half of the 166,530 Mustangs sold in 2006. Rivals Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger recently have been outselling Ford’s neo-pony car.

Inside Line says: Don’t be surprised to see Ford launch the 2015 Mustang at the 2014 New York Auto Show — virtually 50 years to the day the original ‘64.5 model was unveiled.

Source: InsideLine

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