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This has been along time coming. My teal green 5.0 I have had since I was 16. I joined the Marine Corps at the age of 18 and sold this car after being in for a few years I wanna say when I was 20. I regretted selling the car the second it left my drive way. About 2 years later my wife tracked down the kid i sold it to and bought it back for $500.00. Mind you I sold it in amazing condition at 97,000 miles for $5200.00 When I got it back the interior was gutted the trans was blown and the motor has a knock..... It sat in my garage with with out it being touched for about 3 or 4 year then I decided to try to get her up and running again. I got a used t-5 slapped it in and just pulled down the top end and realized he messed up a few valves and that's what the knocking was. Either way the old 302 was still tired and in desperate need of a over haul. But i was out of time and had to redeploy again for a 3rd time to Afghanistan and would just buy a light duty short block when I got back. Well life dealt me and my family a card we all had knew was a chance but didn't expect. I am a USMC EOD tech and on Aug 16th 2011 while conducting operations in Helmand Prov I was stuck by a IED while on a foot patrol and lost my left leg from the knee down. Its been just over a year now and I spent about 7 month in Walter Reed Bethesda Naval Hospital learning how to walk and everything. Well now its time to take some Hard earned money and dump it in to the old 5.0. I know for the money I am about to drop in this car I could have a way better car to do it with but its the cars sentimental value. I had this car in HS when I met my wife, lost my license in it a few times as a kid for burn outs and stuff so i know I could find alot better roller to throw this motor trans combo in but I want THIS CAR. Well first thing first Since the old clutch foot is gone I had to convert over to auto So I got a AOD-E with a Compushift controller going in the car now and the motor was tossed and I started fr