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1969 shelby replica. this one started as a san jose 351 windsor 4 speed car i picked this one up for doing some work for a friend, saw it sitting at his shop and i told him, i would like to do a 69 shelby replica .he said if you would sand blast a couple of cars for me its yours.didnt have to think twice. loaded the car up took it home, as i was unloading it i started thinking that it some how looked familiar. turned out it was my old car. i had sold it some 20 years ago.little worn and tattered but not to bad. funny how things work out isnt it? i know the 1935 ford truck isnt a mustang, it is however a recipiant of a wrecked 68 j code coupe 302 and 9" rearend and a t5 five speed from a 93 mustang, you see old mustangs never die, they just donate there internals and keep on going. the plans for this one are ,gulf stream aqua paint, 69 mustang color. and i want to build an aluminum trailer to tow the mustangs to shows and events. its down to paint,that i have already purchased,and interior. kind of thinking about aqua and very light grey with bucket seats. i have a lot more projects to come