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071613, detailed 071613 rear 071613 ..... Pretty 3RD ..... 083013 092213 Front ....  Silver Stripes are done 092213 Left Frt 092213 Left Rr 092213 092213 Rear Shot 101813 after lowered rear to level. 10004 101813 after drop rear ..... just a nice pic Rear is now "not jacked up" 101813 102013 BRP near Rocky Knob 102013 BRP looking at Buffalo Mountain 4th .... 083013
  1. Roanstang
    How are they working? I kept my oem in case I trade up to a GT.
  2. tbear853
    Oh, they are doing great. I did scrounge up some old Thunderbird spring seat rubbers from a '90s model, and modify to fit the newly cut tops and installed them between the springs and stock Mustang upper spring seat rubbers.

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