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So this is my high school car from my senior year from 20 years ago. Didn't have the hood then or the wheels but this is the original paint color. I was able to finally get it restored after many years. I'm so thrilled to have her back up and running with a fresh new paint job. She's a 302 with a 5-spd daily driver with GT40p milled/ported_Cobra intake milled/ported_Ecam with custom tune chip, 3:55 gears and all the bolt ons you can think of. She has 190,000 on her and also the stock bottom end with the same stock tranny that has never been touched or worked on, driven her very well. Not many can say that. Although I did put in a King Cobra clutch which I've really enjoyed. She put down 280rwhp_320rwtq and is a blast to drive on the street. The deep blue pops in the sun and she turns stealth black at night. joy is driving this car and all the memories from HS