the J code 302 was a snug fit in the old truck<br />
i port matched and polished the heads,...
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horse sence
the J code 302 was a snug fit in the old truck
i port matched and polished the heads, stainless
valves with 3 angle valve grind,280 H comp cam
prety hefty idle 10-1 forged pistons 77 clevitte
bearings, torqer intake and a 650 holly double
pumper, its enough horse power to tear it apart
i want to replace the shifter in the 5 speed with
a short throw, the mustand drive shaft was a perfect fit ,no cutting, the 65 mustang 9" was
also a perfect fit , n case with detroit locker
and 391 gears works perfect with the tall tires
and the polished torque thrusts. i decided to keep
the wish bone front ,but up graded with mustang
disks,heavy duty shocks and a sway bar give a
very good ride, as you can see a lot of it is mustang
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  2. horse sence
    horse sence
    i have been collecting parts for this little truck for 15 years now ,tring to find the best parts i can
    my first truck was a 35 ,had to sell it and realy missed it this one is much nicer

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