She likes it .... first wash 062213

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Gert away from that! Yep, too late. Gas for two, June 19 She likes it .... first wash 062213 071613, detailed 071613 rear 071613 ..... Pretty 3RD ..... 083013 092213 Front ....  Silver Stripes are done 092213 Left Frt 092213 Left Rr 092213 092213 Rear Shot 101813 after lowered rear to level. 10004 101813 after drop rear ..... just a nice pic
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  2. Suek
    Good for you!!! I can't blame you for buying that car.
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  3. tbear853
    As of 10-21-13, we've put just about 2200 miles on it, drove it 256 miles on the Blue Ridge Parkway yesterday ... saw a bunch of Mustangs in a line .... she absolutely loved it.
  4. Suek
    Now that's a nice drive. Is that where those nice pictures were taken? I thought that's where you were ! Right now it has to be beautiful.
  5. tbear853
    Thanks ..... yep, we've taken a couple drives on the BRP ... it was nice!

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