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    1. CPTchuck
      I had an FMX auto transmission, I ordered a C6 with a 2400-2600 nitrous stall it locks and gives you take off like a stick shift, The C6 and stall from TCI was 1901.00

      The cam calls for 3.73 gears, I am going to do that for 149.

      Engine HP is 475hp (470) 502ft/tq on build up,
      With nitrous 570hp 625tq.

      The Torino weighs 5200 loaded, running the strip 4300 12.04 @ 109-111

      Its a cheap build, and ALOT of sound and show off power with out the nitrous, trust me I am in college too. Put some dynoflow bullets mufflers on, with electric dumps right after the headers, with the dumps you can push a button and have it straight pipped and loud as ****!! Then if someone comes to yell at you for it, you flip the switch and make it quieter ( the dynoflow is a mean sounding exhaust, but low enough to be legal)

      I hope this helps some, once again mine is a 351c 2v ( i put a 4b carb, the new intake for the 2v has a 4barrle carb hole to run the bigger carb.)
    2. CPTchuck
      I saw your 351c build... I rebuilt my Gran Torino Sport with nirtous it runs 570hp 625tq... I am 23 disabled Vet, so I am on a LOW budget, machine shop build cost me 1600 with a rebuild kit, and all the good engine work 500 included in that price for remove and install. Here is the total build spec and costs,
      Engine rebuild 1,450
      Remove and replace 450
      Comp Cam lube 12
      Comp Cam 32-246-4 (same as normal price)
      Claimer Pistons H3428 75
      Nitrous plate 85
      Nitrous kit(sniper 75-150) 415
      Top end kit 499
      (holley 750 carb, Weiand Xcelerator intake 2000-7000rpm, Valve covers and Air cleaner cover)

      next email.... ---->>>
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