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Jun 17, 2013
May 3, 2007
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Jun 17, 2013
    1. 1987Rock
      nice! I love the way that exhaust sounds on our cars! Definitely grab those wheels if you can. They look awesome on yellow!
    2. Nick95GT
      hey whatsup i got the exhaust on and it sounds ****in good!!! now i need some new rims and i found a guy thats sellin four 17x9 chrome cobra r's for 250$. think i might buy em
    3. Nick95GT
      alright thanks for the headlight advice!!! yeah those headlights look good. and i know if i get smoked ones it will keep out some of the light but i know someone who has those exact headlights from americanmuscle on a white 94 stang and they look so badass! and they would probably look even better on my yellow one so i might jus have to deal with all the light not getting through.lol i could jus use brights all the time though...and for the exhaust im deffinitly thinking magnapack catback for sure now! i read on a dyno sheet on there website that for my 5.0 it will add at least 15HP just with the catback. then itll add even more once i add either an o/r x pipe or an o/r h pipe. and once im done with that if it sounds anything close to the way that 4.6 cobra sounded ill **** my pants lol.
    4. 1987Rock
      ok, cool. thanks
    5. chaos254
      Took off the quad shocks when I put the 315's on. I didnt have any problems with the exhaust hitting. Where I had problems was with the inner fenderwell. I just took a hammer to it and my rubbing went away.
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