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    1. 1fun281
      Thanks sounds like a mean set up, i have a pretty decent stage 2.5 cam too, so its going to love the top end if i do spray it, ill prob do what you did and start low maybe a 75 shot feel it out, hit it a few times check the plugs check everything make sure it is running good.
      But car looks and runs good, thats a good trap at 113.

      And by the way i tried PM'ing you, but your inbox is full, in case you didnt know, thats why i put it on your visitor messages.
    2. 1fun281
      Thats exactly what i was thinking, i was looking at the harris kit they look like real quality kits, and i love the plate kits. Andi wasnt at all planning on spraying, or even turning to 6600, lol. I was planning on setting the limiter high enough to get me across the line, but only spraying it to about 58-6k just like your doing. and yes traction sucks with the 4.30,s but slicks or radials should fix that, are you using 15 or 17 inch rims for the radials? I was thinking of getting a 15 inch rim with a 28" radial to lower the gear a little, and work the tune like you, and just maybe keep the limiter a little lower to maybe 6400.
    3. BurningRubber
      As far as my tune... I am using a "modified stock tune" with my Diablosport. It basically lets you modify that factory tune. So I have approximately 2* timing removed and added something like 15% WOT fuel across both RPM curves in the tuner. When I pulled the plugs (on the 100 shot), everything looked as it should. No signs of detonation, running too lean, etc. I've never had it on a wideband, just being going by sight, smell and feel.

      With your 4.30's traction is going to be a big issue for you. I have a hard time sticking with 4.10's. I can't get the car below a 1.93 60', but my suspension isn't helping that as it is.

      You'd probably want to use a 28" tall drag radial and raise your limiter. You'd probably make it setting it at 6400 and cutting the spray off at 6k or even 6100.
    4. BurningRubber
      My setup is very simple. It's a Harris Speed Works wet plate kit. The kit itself is awesome, the plate makes for a super clean and easy install. Changing jets just requires removing the IAC housing, but that's not a big deal. I got mine on Black Friday of 2009 for $416 shipped to the door.

      I'm not using a window switch or anything, just a WOT switch and arming switch. Put in a step colder plug (Autolite 103 coppers if I remember correctly) and started with the 75 shot, got the feel for that, moved to the 100, got the feel for that, etc.
    5. BurningRubber
      1: I've used two different tire sizes at the track. A 26" and 28" drag radial. I like the 26's either and I didn't run out of gear (but it was damn close)

      2: I started out with a 75 shot, moved to a 100, and finally a 125. I won't put the 150 shot on without getting into a fuel system.

      3: My limiter is set at 6200 if I remember correctly. I do not like spraying over 5800 or so, but I think I let it ride to 6100-ish for a couple of passes on the spray. I had it set at 5900 but would have run out of gear and smacked the limiter on the track. No way in hell would I suggest turning a stock 2v to 6600, much less on spray... haha. You're asking for a disaster regardless of your tune.
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