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    1. sleepy93
    2. sleepy93
      Hi, i'm building my 347 stroker with a V1 Vortech Sprchrgr. My questions is, which brand 28oz harmonic balancer would you recommend? The car is for street strip.
    3. 347HO
      Wow, sorry for the delay in reply.
      I don't frequent this site very often as s_b_f_tech.com is my forum of choice.
      My engine is done, the chassis is not. My application is for Road Racing and just as my engine, I'm being very particular with my chassis as well.
      I have a mediocre bottom end.
      Probe lightweight rods, pistons and pins.
      Scat forged crank.
      Rotator is zero balanced.
      Probe billet caps.
      Probe girdle.
      The topend is where the money's at.
      RHS215s from Camshaft Innovations.
      One off set of shaft rockers from Comp Cams.
      Custom billet solid roller camshaft by Camshaft Innovations.
      Comp solid roller lifters.
      Custom Parker Funnel Web Carbed.
      HP780 Holley from Prosystems.

      You just have to take your time, pay attention to details... no shortcutting.
      I'm confident the stock block is gonna hold for a season or two or three, but I have my sights set on a Clevor 363 8.2" deck Boss block in the near future.

      Good luck with your build... it'll be fun as well as painstakingly slow if you're not rich!!
    4. 87street
      Hey man, i'm pretty new to the board, and I read a post you made earlier about a 450 rwhp 347 that you have... is that naturally aspirated? I was wanting to build a car with similar numbers, is the reason im asking... sorry if i seem nosy, and do you have any videos of the car running?
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