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Jan 27, 2002
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Dec 11, 2009
    1. Gator72106
    2. mustangcraze
      Help! I'm a newbie. On a 67 fastback, is the star stamp in front of the VIN and also stamped at the end of the VIN. In otherwords, is it stamped twice? I'm talking about the VIN stamped on the inner apron fender. Thanks!
    3. Ricktheturth
      do you have 18 inch ponys?
    4. KEN08G37
      Hey nice car. Are you running a standard rotation water pump and if so which one and what pulley because when I went to put one on it wouldnt accept the stock pulley. Thanks
    5. 04 stang
      04 stang
      I have an 2004 Mustang GT Aniversary edition i was wondering how many of the Aniversary editions were GT's
    6. madspeed
      still have the PS pump for sale???
    7. Debbie
      Transmission shops work if you really need them. But I have a car and a van. The car was jerking and bolting and slipping out of first gear at lights. I had the transmission serviced and additives added. It is working perfect. The van was shuttering all the time especially going up hills. I got the van serviced and they put "Shutter Fix" in it. Costs about $12 at a car parts store.
    8. manny
      what guage are you using?
    9. racer_inboston
      Hey a302 sup? man your car is sick! I need your help! please! I just got a real saleen used set of 18x9's and was wondering if i did the ranger rear axles with drums and lincoln rotors upfront, if they will fit? tks man~!
    10. lexymay21
      Huge range of temporary tattoo & airbrush kits, as well as body paint, airbrush stencils and accessories.airbrush stencil templates
    11. silvershamen
      I have your motor if you still need it
      can be reached at 731-333-1843 ask for ashe
    12. 94306gt
      if you got 3500 its yours
    13. onefastboat
      Interested in a set of 17X9 (+24) fronts and 17X10 (+20) rears. Have a 1989 Stock GT Mustang. Will these rims fit? What will I have to upgrade (except for 5 lug)?
    14. thebiten
      i am interested in swapping my irs for you solid axle setup, but right now i dont have the time to remove the parts, how long will you be willing to wait, and how many miles are on your car and what condition are they in

    15. Paul5192
      do you still have your catted x pipe? and can u ship it?
    16. ran260gt
      Seen you are in Philly, check out PhillyStangs.com, good site to meet other Mustang people in the area !
    17. kmplace
      txt me pics of the windsor sr s 567 356 0516 thanks kory
    18. jeremy canter
      jeremy canter
      do you need a cluster or did you just want This cluster?
    19. Dennis88
      Hey man i got a quick question for ya. I have a 96 Mustang Gt and just like yours my temp gauge isnt working. I have two sensors One on passnger side and one of driver side of intake, behind alternator.

      What side needs the sensor, And what side needs the switch? When you say sides Use passnger and Driver instead of left and right. Thanks man i really appreciate it. Also if u have part numbers? From autozone or where u got the parts from.
    20. DavidNC50
      Hey A302,

      I was reading in the forums and came across your post...

      "Still working...When I trick the fuel pump to work by jumping the EEC test conector the pump runs and after a few seconds I can hear a hissing/air sound (I know it's a Cobra) near the pax side fuel rail. It is coming from inside either the fuel rail, throttle body, or upper intake. It is not external because I can't change the sound by moving my hand around all those places and I can't pinpoint the exact location of the sound."

      did you figure this out? I have a 91 GT conv and do not drive it often. Last time I parked it it was running fine. I tried to start it the other day and it ran for about a second and then cut off. i have the same hissing noise when I look under the hood, in the same location as you describe. The fuel pump is running but will not stop. I was just wanting to see if you could give me any info from your experience here.

      David Teague
      910 494 2800
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