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Dec 2, 2011
    1. autumn_again
      ha yeah, have to drive the stang in the snow. if winters were worse around here i would invest in a cheap truck to drive during the winter, but since it'll snow once a month i'm not worried about it.

      i ordered my tires from summit for these wheels. i should be getting the rims this week, summit originally told me 1/30 they'd have the tires, now i looked its 3/4. eff that. emailed them and if they can't have them to me this week i'll go elsewhere.
    2. GalaxieWarrior
      Cool! Snow? Still trying to find a semi decent tire (aka not temp) to put on my space saver not much luck. More power to ya man on getting the bogarts. Keep us posted
    3. autumn_again
      oh i love them. driving on them everyday. been on the highway a couple times with them, rest is just city driving, no problems. been ina couple situations where i have to stop fast and the braking distance isn't hindered that much. i guess with these good brakes that these cars come with factory i have nothing to worry about.

      drove it so far in the snow, rain, and of course dry weather.

      have gotten many complements on the styling. and alot of my friends are younger and not into drag racing at all, so when i show them how tiny the front tires are they can't help but crack up.

      unfortunately i couldn't get away with being cheaper on the back wheels and ordered 15x10 bogarts. i wanted a 10 inch wheel in the rear for a bigger foot print and i figured i would do it right, do it once.

      only problem is i'm rubbing a little bit on the ground. when leaving a driveway thats steep, or uneven. but if i cut the wheel enough it doesn't rub. and it only rubs on my license plate holder so its not grinding away my bumper at all.
    4. GalaxieWarrior
      Hey Man how you liking the skinnies? Been drivin on em much?
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    Hamilton, NJ
    1994 Mustang GT


    2007 GT

    Ford Racing - 4.10s, CAI, Strut Tower Brace
    Hurst - Short Throw Shifter
    BMR - UCA mount, Radiator Support, Driveshaft Loop
    Steeda - LCA, Adjustable UCA.
    MSD - 2 Step
    Jegs - 15x4 front runners
    Bogarts 15x10 bolted RTs.
    Che - K member Brace w/ Tq limiters, Anti-Squat Brackets
    Kooks - Long tubes w/ Catted X
    Mac/Pacifica - Boom Tubes
    SCT - X3
    Axle Exchange - 4" 1 Piece Aluminum Driveshaft​