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    1. superjtt
      hi, im new to this forum and saw you talking about an intake manifold for a 4v. Im currently working on a modular swap into a fox. i am looking for a carb manifold for b heads. i dont really know if this is up your alley, but any info would be greatly appreciated. Jesse
    2. jaymoeco
      Bill, I was doing a google search and saw your post from a few years ago re: Colt 65 manifolds for 289-302 Fords. I had one of those that I had put on a 302 that I had built and was trying to get it set up to run right with a polished Holley 600 vac sec. It looked like a pretty good manifold but I could never get it to run quite right. It ran fine on the primaries, but when the secondaries opened up it would fall flat on it's ass. I tried jetting it up and down, tried lighter and heaver secondary springs, checked my fuel pressure to make sure it was keeping up, all to no avail. I couldn't find any books or info and emailing the manufacturer didn't turn up any info either so I thought I would ask you, since you seem to have had some experience with them. The only thing I could think of is that I know back in the 60's before they came up with center hung floats some of the manifolds were designed for the carb to be mounted cross-ways, with the bowls facing each cylinder bank. That was the only thing I hadn't gotten around to trying. It's hard to tell with a square bore manifold which way to mount and I imagine with a single-plane, as long as it was open bore it wouldn't matter but I think this was a dual plane. Do you know, was this manifold designed for the carb to be mounted sideways?
    3. hotmustang331
      Thanks for the info Bill! Yea for sure shoot me some pics when your done with that intake! Sounds like its going to do a darn good job at flowing air :D And yea the fastest my cobra has been is @ the track...120MPH. No high speed runs here...that will kill a terminator in a hurry. Very well may kill the owner too!
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    huntsville, AL
    electrical tech
    96 red gt
    i like to fix crap



    2011 mustang GT 300a base model, brembos, 3.73, candy apple red, rear spoiler delete
    96 mustang gt---93 TURBO, forged teksid ported 4v.