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Dec 6, 2004
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Dec 2, 2012
    1. 1fun281
      Hey man whats the details on your car, i see your spraying it on 4.10's.

      What size tires are you running?
      What size shot?
      Did you raise your limiter in your tune?

      I have 4.30's im trying to figure out how i can spray my car, i cross the line right at the limiter on street tires, and havent had a chance to see what rpm's im at on some 26x10.50x15 slicks i got.

      Ive been considering set the limiter up to about 6600 with a nitrous tune.
    2. BurningRubber
      Yeah, but the car has more in it. Long story short, I was messing with my tune and my Diablosport froze and reloaded the stock tune. The car ran rough abnormally after that and after I made the 13.92 pass I didn't make any more that night and havn't run since then.
    3. badf150boy123
      so you ran a 13.92 even with the 4.10's?
    4. DevilGT
      Hey, could you tell me how much your Roush springs dropped your Mustang?
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    2000 GT 5 speed Spring Feature: #? of 3,091 produced.
    K&N FIPK. RPM ported plenum & PP 75mm TB. UPR offroad X. Mac Flowpath Catback. Diablosport Predator. Lowered. MGW short throw. Mach 1 grille delete. 4.10's, StangSuspension adjustable LCA's.

    Harris Speed Works 2v plate kit.

    1/8th: 8.2 @ 86.66
    1/4: 12.74 @ 111.31
    New 1/4: 12.73 @ 113