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Mar 17, 2014
    1. smokin joe
      smokin joe
      you mentioned in one of your posts that you were getting some Mach 1 springs. Can you tell me the numbers on the spring tabs?

    2. CaspersFoxes
      Your car is slick as **** man, very nice sleeper. Thats my plan with mine. the 308 block is on the way. I have the same top end on my car. eventually i'm going to go with the 349 stroker kit for mine, just gotta save the pennies, ya know?
    3. Chrome_Rust
      you will need to go to a junk yard to ge the harness... there are 2 of them. one to carry the signal, and the other one carries power. You will also need to rewire the factory 5x7/6x8 speakers to run in mono, meaning the front is a set and the back is a set. the mach tweeters will run off the headunit. also you will have to get the soundboard for the rear if it is a coupe and the pods if it is a droptop, and with the droptop you will need the amp rack as it is seperate from the pods. the coupe's amps are attatched to the soundboard. again you will have to make sure that you have the wiring set for mono. each amp in the mach460 run a set of speakers. the left amp runs the front 5x7/6x8's in mono, same for the rear. if you have any more questions, let me know.
    4. wwechopper1
      hi, i was reading a convo you were having and i am trying to decide to buy a mach 460 for my 2000 mustang. do i need any extra wiring/harness? if so where can i get it? thanks
    5. Chrome_Rust
      sorry, i should have been more clear. In your sig you state you have a performer intake forsale. I am interested in it. so i need to know what you want for it. i mentioned the cars because if you need any parts for the one that you are building then maybe i have something that you could use, and then we could work out a trade, plus some cash.

      again i apologize.
    6. bynummustang
      What exactly are you wanting from me? You ask about a price, then say you have some cars you are parting out. I'm not following on what you want.
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    1993 Notch (just sold engine tonight, going 5.3 LM7, and 4L60E) BBK LCA's, 3.73's, 17" American Racing Torque Thrusts, 2001 GT Front Brakes, 86 SVO Rear Brakes, 2001 GT Charcoal Dash swap, seats, and Mach 1000 Audio, 3" Mac Catback, 2.5" X-pipe.