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Jun 18, 1971 (Age: 43)
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    1. Charlie Allen
      Charlie Allen
      Hi, I purchased an ECU from you 5 or so years ago, met you at you house. I live in Westchester. Looking for a 1993 Cobra throttle body, F3ZE-9E926-BA. Please give me a call if you have one or know where I can get one.
      Thanks much
      Charlie 310-938-1433
    2. 95Cobra302
      Still got any export taillights??
      1. Chythar
        I don't stock the export taillights at my home, but I can buy them for you from my contacts in Japan. Be aware that the tail lights will end up costing about $350, due to the weird Japanese rules and the high shipping costs. If you are still interested please let me know.
        Oct 17, 2013
    3. thethirdeye88
      hey...whats up, i am almost ready for a set of the export tail lights...i will be making my order for my transmission next week, my email address is [email protected]..not sure if my paypal still works, my ebay account got hacked a long time ago, but i think it might be operational...anyway, last time i spoke to you, you had two sets available...a purple pair with no hazing a a white pair with slight hazing...please respond as soon as you can, i am wanting to make all the orders by next monday...5-12-10...let me know what is available and please respond through stangnet and email...thanks...hope to do business with you...
    4. Bobby5.0
      Hi Matt,
      I saw your post from a loooong time ago about removing the section of ECU wiring harness that plugs into the ECU.
      The guy that had the car before me has some pretty nasty splices on the O2 sensor wires which (i think) are causing my car to run pretty horribly. I was hoping you could give me a tip or two about how to get that thing out... its going to be impossible to solder in place.
      Here's your old post... Thanks in advance

      Ah. That harness runs through the passenger fender and plugs into the the other harnesses in two spots:

      * Passenger firewall, in the corner: plugs for the engine & transmission harnesses
      * Under the air filter: two plugs connecting to the fuse box harness

      The same ECU harness runs to the CCRM and fan as well. It's certainly do-able but it's still a PITA. It might be easier to pull that part of the harness out, properly repair it and re-wrap the harness so the splices aren't visible. For a new harness, try eBay or your local junkyard.
    5. Puke
      Hey Friend,
      Are you still able to locate the export tail lights for a 97-98 Mustang? Please email me at

      [email protected]
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    Jun 18, 1971 (Age: 43)
    West Los Angeles, CA
    Game Developer
    1994 V6 & 1995 GT
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    94 Coupe Cobra clone - Black w/ red stripes, 179K miles.
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    95 Coupe GT manual - Red w/ black interior, 93K miles.
    Mods: Lowered, 03 Cobra A-arms, Saleen tail light covers. More to come...