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    1. FastDriver
      kinda like e-stalking! Did I just make that weird? Don't worry, you'll get used to it. ;)
    2. FastDriver
      Don't know. Thought it might tell me when you post something.
    3. NIKwoaC
      Stop following me! *Ducks behind a corner and looks over shoulder*

      Haha, but seriously, I'm not sure I really know what the "follow" thing does. I'm assuming that is a twitter thing?
    4. robertdeuce
      hey thanks for the reply to my thread. you seem like you know what your talking about. i understand that its would be better and maybe cheaper to have an engine built rather than buying a crate engine but i dont know anybody that builds engine where i live. do you know of any crate engines that have 400 whp for 5-7 thou? an where i can get one? thanks
    5. SLYFOX89
      hey can you or maybe someone you know give me a reply on my newest thread..its got me baffled i dont even kno where to start
    6. FastDriver
      I have confidence in my ability to self-educate. Google wasn't exactly the answer I was looking for. I was more interested in the articles/books/experience that developed your understanding but no worries.
    7. Bullitt347
      Google is your friend. Use it to find the info on chassis and suspension. I could tell you where to find the info, but you actually learn more and understand better if you search it out yourself. You will also appreciate the info more when you are the one who has to look it up, makes you a better researcher. This is how I learned to do a lot of things. Of course trial and error is a good instructor as well. Good Luck
    8. FastDriver

      I have had my head buried in Company Command here in Baumholder, Germany since December. Before that, I was at Ranger School. So, I haven't been around much either.

      Speaking of Afghanistan, I will be there for the entirety of next year. The stang is in my brother's garage. I can't justify blowing money when I can't enjoy it for another 3 years. It would be a lot of fun to bring it here, but by the time the work was finished, I'd be getting ready to deploy. Then, after returning from the deployment, I'd have less than a year left here in Germany. At $1,500 or more for shipping it each direction, it just doesn't make sense. So, it looks like it'll be almost 3 years before I have the opportunity to put time, money, and thought into it again.

      Anyway, great to hear from you again, Jon. I'll still check back when I can to see how you and your car are doing.

    9. Strippt88
      Hey brother! Just wondered what the boys on Stangnet were up to, I don't get near a computer that orten anymore, road work has been insane, winter has the Mustang hobby in mothballs... you know the drill. You still in this country? My brother was an E5 with the 24 Signal, they retired him at 17 years cuz they said there was "no room"!, he never did rotate to Afghanistan with the rest of his guys in January- he was ****ed to say the least. Anyhow, jsut thought I'd look up some of the guys while I was in cyberspace. I hope to be back on soon! Later, Jon
    10. FastDriver
      No... 5spdGT and Joel5.0
    11. clement
      "I'm pretty sure that you guys are only impressing yourselves with your techno-BS.

      Seriously, this guy is trying to run AFR205s on a stock block and you guys are getting into another ****ing contest about cam theory, fluid dynamics, and Lincoln LS's.

      The bottom line is that on a stock 302 block (read: will not be taken to 8000+rpm) AFR205s are not going to be an optimum selection, even if they can make good power with a well-chosen cam.

      Given a stock block with stock internals, a stock rev-limiter (or at least the limitations of stock internals), and any cylinder head of your choice with a matching cam and intake, no one would rationally start out with an AFR205 head. Stop muddling the point or confusing the issue for guys that are just looking for straight answers.

      The OP's question was answered long ago, and this thread is going down the drain.


      was I one of the people whom this was directed toward?
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