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    1. 2002SN95MUSTANG
      thats not too bad. just needs a new rear differential cover gasket, or some stop leak. its just a small leak. Just kidding. I feel for ya man. I've had some problems with my car at some bad times as well. I have felt the same way about the car. But in the end when it all gets fixed, you are happy to still own it.
      Here is some info you may find useful. Go to E-Bay and look up item number 110441039690. Complete SRA swap for $700. Includes a lot of extras, shocks, Upper and Lower control arms, GT Rear sway bar, Brakes:
      LH & RH brake rotors
      LH & RH brake calipers
      LH & RH brake caliper brackets
      LH & RH brake pads
      LH & RH ABS sensors
      LH & RH Emergency brake cables

      also on E-bay is a complete replacement IRS setup with lots of extra goodies. Item number 320434879853. Its a little more expensive, around $1100. Hope this helps you out. Also there are some SRA's out of 96-98 GT's for around 450, thats also an idea. But I think they are about an inch narrower if I am not mistaken.
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