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May 10, 2011
    1. GSP393
      built 11/21/83 1997th svo built
      Resto mod was one of my original plans with for it, but after looking at this realisticly it isn't worth the time or money and my guess is the "purists" think the same or else they'd have contacted me about it.

      *$100.00 as is minus hatch, quarter windows. That's only 10,000 pennies, come on, you know you want it.

      * Remember, gotta save em all!!! Every last one. Since svo nazis can't or won't buy every single one on the market, they just start an online witch hunt demonizing anyone who wants to do anything but a total restoration. pos-voca The moral of the story is that unless you own it, you have the right to say nothing and smile. (unless you're online with a bunch of your friends)

      * Will be sold as is in current incomplete condition, non roller. Bring a trailer, we'll load it for you. If I'm in the mood I might put spindles with spares on it. Either way it's still $100 firm, some trades considered.
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    I'm surrounded by idiot liberal PC douche bags.
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