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Nov 24, 2014
    1. HankyGT
    2. Dizzy_ax
      here it is :D And i put some random mustang photos in there lol.

      Talon and mustang photos pictures by hakasho - Photobucket

      Aside from the wheels its nice ;p No shots of the front mount yet, i have to re do something to make it sit right and just havnt had the time. Its also the same exact interrior scheme as the mustang! Sadle and black lol... the leather seats in this car are amazing though.
    3. Dizzy_ax
      Oh and for pictures, this car has a rash hood and the door panel on the drivers side is trying to escape lol. (I know i need to get it fixed) some door snaps and id be good to go lol. But ill link you to my photobucket.
    4. Dizzy_ax
      I love the car, I actually have been doing all the work on it so thats been an amazing experiance. allthough its a slug because the phantom knock! Im getting a set of those 3gs ordered and possibly going to see if english racing wants to battle the ballance shafts for me ;p I love working on it but i hate when things go wrong and i get stuck without a car.

      Im up here in the NW and that shop is close, and because my friend has been friends with them since 1st grade i get mega discounts on everything lol. Bought a full fmic set up from ETS for under the listed price with a intake. I love how cheap everything is lol!

      But that list you just gave me is perfect! I needed some direction. I felt like i hit the now what stages of the car so thats awesome! Yeah if i run into anything I'll come to you :)
    5. HankyGT
      Put the 3g revised lifters in your DSM. You can usually find them on ebay and the like, or from a vendor like slowboyracing. They have an enlarged oiling hole about 3x larger than stock. Also I hope you yanked the balance shafts as those can be problematic aswell. ALWAYS replace the tensioner with OEM too. Do that, your car will be quiet as hell, have great oil pressure without the fear of seizing a bearing if you twist it up past 7500 with cams and your valves won't ever meet your pistons. Like I said, I've had like 7 of them..you have a DSM issue you let me know lol. I've had every broken one within 50 miles in my driveway haha. Send me some pics of it!

      P.S. started installing longtubes on the brothers SS tonite. Total whore of a car to work on, horridly packaged. I think perhaps the grass is always greener.
    6. Dizzy_ax
      Ahh nice, so many pictures! Im getting the amazing lifter knock on the eagle. going to swap those and start tuning it here pretty soon :D got ecmlink v3 in it :D I just thought about it too, if i sell my car it could be a down payment for a house! But I think i have a plan around that ;p

      Hope you build the block and it ends up rocking.
    7. HankyGT
      Love my V1 at idle. I ended up listing the car for sale after adding all my receipts. Had $15,837 worth...crazy since I've paid no shop labor ever and that's not counting the 2k in paintwork under the table. If it sells it sells; but I'm trying to snag a rebuilt shortblock on the cheap too. I guess whatever comes first. Here's a link to the recent pics F/S add:

      FS:Supercharged Mustang GT/Cobra - LS1TECH
    8. Dizzy_ax
      Yeah,Turbos sound cool! But my v1 sounds way better at idle...if the car would idle lol. I want to get a place and work on the car. Wish it didnt cost so damn much lol.

      If i end up getting bored of the dsm thing, and just try to keep it around 300 hp I will probably do something crazy with the stang. Like a 393 Turbo. Going to keep it a five speed though ;p Gets alot of attention banging through those gears so fast lol. Go faceplated trans!
    9. HankyGT
      I won't argue with you that turbos kick ass though haha. I was THIS close to turboing mine as everything else I've ever had has been. I'd just never had a blower car, and I like the sound of my car. Turbo noises are better though lol. You do run into packaging, underhood heat, and higher pressure levels with all the gaskets and stuff. I guess they all have thier ups and downs.
    10. HankyGT
      Well I guess it is what is with stuff. I think you will be impressed with your car on slicks. Should get a very low 11 with your trap speed. I guess it just depends how you look at things. I suppose it's a little harder to get a # out of DSM on pumpgas, but they don't weigh as much either.

      Thanks again for the compliment. I think asthetically my car is gorgeous and one of the nicest sn95 cars I've ever seen; though I guess I shouldnt try to brag...just proud of it.

      Yeah the job thing is killing me right now...but hopefully things will get better. I'm half tempted keeping the car just because of the investment I have in it now and the fact I'm going to be fronting another 4k anyhow after my sale, not including my stroker fund just to get into a stockish vette. I also was planning on buying a ring here...so timing has sucked.
    11. Dizzy_ax
      Sorry to keep going but i think if you look around at these guys building their cars, they have so much money to just throw at their cars and if we took a step back and found the odd guy out with a basically home made turbo kit, he is probably right there with me and a hell of alot less then what i spent lol. I know i felt i had to get the best of the best because of the crowed but right now...Kind of in a huge regret hole.

      Im throwing slicks on my mustang here in about 20 days and seeing what this car has in it. If anything breaks im fixing it cheap and putting a nice for sale sign up. I cant be throwing that much money on overpriced crap anymore. Its just not smart :(
    12. Dizzy_ax
      Your car looks good, im sure it gets alot of looks and around here when i drive my mustang, pretty much everyone stays the eff away from me. Its a cool feeling :D But like you said. Too much money for something that isnt that amazing. Not worth it in my books lol.
    13. Dizzy_ax
      Lame! I think its funny that a three grand car that will run all year round and be fun in any weather can hang with something we both know we threw way to much money at.

      Im really sorry to hear about your job man. If i lost the job im at the stang would go first in a heartbeat. Its an amazing car for what it is but the money it took to get a lame 450ish to the ground is sad.

      I dont understand the price of building a block on a mustang vs a DSM that could have a completely built engine making 500+ and being driveable. They are just now making engines worth a damn and i cant afford that lol.

      I really like small cars right now, want to make a 510. But i need space to just mess around with it rather then be forced to build or you're walking to work kind of situation lol.
    14. HankyGT
      However I don't like the idea of spending @ $1600 by the time it's running again for a lackluster bottomend. It's like there is no middle ground and I'm super close to tossing a headgasket and a forsale sign on it; taking my stroker money and walking away. To top it off, most places want the same for a forged 306 as a stroker and no matter what you do, the block will be cashed. I think I'm going to have like $8k into this engine to be lackluster and setup for dissappointment. I just don't think I can do it.

      So yeah. Yay DSMs. Boo Mustangs. I lost my job of 5yrs this past month so I'm now on unemployment....so Goodbye Corvette.

      Not happy :(
    15. HankyGT
      Hey man! Yeah DSMs are awesome lol. I'm still here, but barely hanging on by a string. My brother got out of his 94 cobra; picked up a 2000 SS camaro and I'm pretty jealous.

      Really though I'm just kinda back in the same boat of me being ****ed at the patheticness of Ford's blocks. I'm at a really tough crossroads as I had planned to order a shortblock within the next week for it. Was going to toss a Fordstrokers Liberator 331 shortblock in the thing...but after talking to the owner there I'm just ****ed/discouraged. He basically surmised what everyone always says in that anything approaching 450rwhp and over is a timebomb waiting to happen. Whereas I could make gobs of power with the 331; it just isnt going to live....and I'm through wasting money. I am super tempted into one of the LRS's economy shortblocks with the forged pistons. Basically a dead stock rebuild with forged pistons for boost.
    16. Dizzy_ax
      Glad you are still around the stang world :D

      DSM'S are oil caked monsters! lol...finished my first build on mine and i have to say....Thats pretty damn cheap compared to the stang.

      Hope all is well with you and again, happy to see you kept the stang!
    17. Dizzy_ax
      I just realized how good your car looks! :\ i think this happens every year around this time. people put tons of money in their car and then crap doesnt go right. Its easier to just let it go then to try to fix so they end up selling.

      If you want you can trade me cars for about two months, go run some 11's on my crappy nittos, I will get your car running and we can trade back ;p
    18. Dizzy_ax
      Mine friend is converting his mirage into an EVOII clone, AWD and everything! its a fun car :D

      I like the way turbos build power and i could never get tired of a BOV, they are just too funny.

      My mustang is my only car, i drove it in the crazy storm we had last winter! never got stuck and was a blast, This is my first fast car, i do alot of "donts" in it, like running D/R's all year round, running insane shocks/struts/spring combo on the street and it doesnt really get to me. 640+ miles a month! I do enjoy getting out and driving other peoples cars every once in awhile but i always feel "safe" that mines not going to leave me stranded because something stupid, its a tough car and it loves to go fast.

      The previouse owner had it from day one, all the dealership maint. done to it and kept it garaged, he said he got it to 125 once lol! Probably why its taking this kind of abuse. Hope your next car treats you well man. good luck!
    19. HankyGT
      Haha, I appreciate the kind words man. My problem is exactly your idea on making me like the Mustang more. I got into the DSM world heavily (talons/lasers/eclipses) and they freaking spoiled me. My 4 cyl turbo with $200 and a die grinder on stock turbo/injectors/tuning was faster than my h/c/i mustang and would pull my brothers ls1 from a roll. Plus you actually sit low and have a trans somewhat worth shifting. My AWD one ate nitrous cars like it was going out of style and I drove it 365 in the snow. 1.71 60' on streetires

      I actually hardly ever drive the mustang (except for this past week as I sold my latest DSM to free up some $$) and it is fun....for like an hour. Then it just sucks ass as it goes back to its lowered sedan feeling, ****ty handling, moneypit self. If they didn't sound cool and look half decent idk what the hell theyd be good for.
      My advice is DONT buy a turbo car because you will be addicted in a hurry. I thought it'd be cool to do a boosted V8, but so far Ive spent the most and gone the slowest in a car, that in all honesty is not the most fun thing to drive.
      There's a slim chance I'll toss a DSS 331 in it, but it is more than likely about to be sold at the expense of me getting sick over the $$ ive spent. I'd be basically in the same boat with wanting diff heads, then having to change fuel again, then possibly breaking the DSS block. Why can't ford make a ****ing engine worth building thats not some slow ass revving 351 based crap? We put 351s in cobras at work all day, and I just dont like them (Superformance replicas). My 4cyl you can make 1200hp on the stock iron block. No one even makes cranks, as you don't need one.

      I think Im just ready to get into something that doesnt have to compensate by just going fast in a straight line. I just need to try to get some more $ to do it. Ive an offer for 9k for the car as it sits, and as much as I would like to think a 10k offer is an insult, it might be best for me to jump on it.

      My AIM is HankyRS although I'm not on alot. Shoot me an IM sometime.


      (Sorry for being kind of a downer but I can see why people give mustangs so much crap now)
    20. Dizzy_ax
      Stick with it! Just make money goals and how much you can spend and try your best to keep on going, if you can look at a date to when it should finally be done, it feels pretty good. there are so many tricks to trick your mind ;p into stepping back and going oh...its not that bad :D

      Yes it costs so much to make these things fast but you are building something that should get nice respect and has a huge following, making used parts easy to find and people who dont mind taking time out of their day to help you.

      If you do get out of this game keep in touch with me, ([email protected]) I would like to know how things are going with the new beast.
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