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"How long does it take to get help in here?

SN Certified Technician
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    1. sleepydog
      Was wondering if u could help me I have a 2000 mustang gt 5spd it says x on the vin and has a windsor sticker on the valve cover that says ford windsor l vl ont canada 4-06-00 . I had a new clutch kit put in and it took them forever to find thr right one for it they said they had to order one for a Romeo engine because it was 6 bolt but I thought all windsor motors was 8 bolt so how is this ?
    2. backYard customs
      backYard customs
      Hissin50 new to site hav a ? for u
    3. jpk
      Hello, i know this is off subject. i recently acquired a clean 1989 mustang 5.0. It was supposed to have a good wiring harness recently installed. but when i put the battery in i get gauges and nothing else!! i also have one fuse that very hot along with a set of dash wires the go to the ecu. I'm a decent wrench but I don't do electrical. any advice???
      1. HISSIN50
        Which fuse gets hot?

        Have you looked at the solenoid to see if any circuits are not connected or have burned fusible links (the interior fusebox gets power from all those wires that bolt to the solenoid)?

        If you reply, please copy/paste this into a private message. I don't get notifications for these public messages and never check in to see if I have new messages.
        Oct 24, 2012
    4. sgarlic
      Hey JT.. haven't been on here in what seems like FOREVER. Thought I would drop you a line and say howdy and hope all is well with you and the fam. My wife and I bought a house in Surprise, so maybe one of these years we can actually meet up and talk Mustang over a beer or something.
    5. Rjovi
      Found a thread from 2008 about overheating on a '95 GT, you gave some great info and I think just about fixed my problem. When I unplug my ECT my low speed does come on, but no other time. I never could find where you said what this means, just a bad ECT? I had one that I thought was good but it didn't fix the problem.

      A quick story about my problem. Overheating due to the low speed not coming on. The 10A fuse in the under the hood fuse box NEVER has power to it. Thanks in advance
    6. Adam706
      Hey, on the stang problems I had in the past you were right on! Much respect!
    7. youngc87
      was going through some old forums and saw you had came across a copy of a digicon smart spark manual... i have one im putting in a 93 cobra and cant find directions anywhere was wondering if ya still had them and if you would be willing to help me out my email is [email protected] thanks
    8. will_95gt
      Hissin, how long has it been since you've changed your avatar? That thing is ancient! lol.
      Hello, I do appreciate your help. Based on wether I need to go with option 1 or option 2 would you mind using my diagram and drawing the new "ac fan on" connection into it? I hate to be dense, but I tend to understand pictures much better than words. Thanks so much.
    10. drakesdad
      hey JT, what are you up to these days? Hope all is well with you and the family...
    11. rocketrod
      I noticed a request from a long time ago with reguards to finding instructions for a Digicon Smart Spark. Did you ever find the book or more info? If you did, can I bother you to e-mail the info. Thanks with antic......ipation.
    12. cbs347
      I have a 94 GT 5.0 with the CHP 347 stroker kit. When it first started acting up it would skip under full throttle around 3500rpm but it was rare. Then it became more comman and then it got to the point that under any quick throttle it would spit and sputter badly. But the whole time it has done this under partial throttle it runs fine. Now the car won't even start. I have changed the fuel filter, plugs, ignition coil, and distributer cap and rotar. The car has good fuel pressure. I don't know what else to do. The plugs are soked in fuel after trying to start it. I am getting spark from my plugs I just don't know if's enough. Any help will be appreciated.
    13. dhawk123
      Hi! I have a 2000 Mustang. Headlights won't stay....or now, come on. Driving the other night, brights blinked on/off, so I put on dim. Problem went away. This morning, just after beginning the drive, lights on dim, the lights went out. Headlights only dim & bright are out, however, I can hold the lever on the steering wheel, and the brights will stay on....

      All other electrical seems fine....
    14. mustang 1
      mustang 1
      hey i was reading a post that seemed like you knew what u were talking about on wiring with electric fans . i have a 2002 mustang and had to change the fan to a smaller one cause i made a turbo kit and the factory one didnt fit my question is the new fan is only 2 wires insted of three .how can i wire it so just the high speed comes on . and what is that big resistor looking thing that the factory plug plugs into thats in the radiator . if you could explain this to me in easy to understand terms i would realy appreciate it.thanks jay you can email me at [email protected] if you want
    15. mustang6tee8
    16. howiefisher
      hey hisson well i changed the plugs and wires put in copper plugs ,new msd cap and rotor ,put back in the stock 19 lb injectors/and mass air ,put in a new tfi module and it still breaks up at 4500 rpm ???what else should i check ??? motor only has like 150km in it ,
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    Wanted: '87-'95 T5 and/or AODE to T5 swap parts for a '94 GT