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    1. jeremy canter
      jeremy canter
      I've found alot of parts on craig's list, but I'm on the east coast
    2. skyrex
      Hotcobra 03 - Thank you for the diagram and advice. Here's the current status of the problem. Before pulling the lines and hoses, I re-installed the BBK 56mm throttle body I removed for a smog inspection several weeks before. I started the car and while it was idealing in, I cleared the DTC's. My son needed his car, so I was going to finish later. A couple of days later, he said the "Check Engine Light" had not come back on. Well, it hasn't come on yet. I think it should have by now. Thus, maybe the problem has been solved.

      Sometime after the smog check, my son told me the light was on. Then, it was a couple of weeks before I dropped the codes. I earsed them and my son said they came back on a couple of days later. So I got out the workshop manuel and posted on Tech Talk.

      I'm now wondering if the PCM burned in the BBK throttle body and put out the too lean codes. I not familiar with the electronic possibilities. Any thoughts?
    3. hotcobra03
      DUDE im clueless on the pats..but im up for a quick class,,what better way for me to learn,,on your

      send an email address ill build a file for you.....i think it has to be passable...its only a car...they do get stolen ,,some guy was on the sites saying he was an insurance agent,and was investgating a case on a stolen cobra found with nothing appearing to be touched?
    4. radodreams
      hello im here.i noticed that you posted a lot of information about the pats system.My 98 mustang gt is not starting up becasue of the pats system someone tried stealing it and tried hotwiring it.i took it to the dealership and they said my module is fried and doesnt even want to work on it because that part is obsolete.i called a ford master tech today and he said he can fix it but its going to run be about 700$i dont have that kind of cash.can you send me a link to troubleshoot the system?will a handheld tuner bypass the pats system?
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