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Aug 31, 2006
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Central VA

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mine works really well and can take a fair amount , from Central VA

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Oct 6, 2012
    1. Mustanglvr2006
      I just wanted to tell you, you car looks TOTALLY awesome, I just love the GT500 front bumper setup, I was wondering how hard it was to make that change? I read your visitor messages and I saw that you said you payed roughly 1,700 for the kit.....was everything needed for the change in the kit? I also read your installation write up on the Agent 47 mirrors, great write up!! I ordered mine yesterday, can't wait to get them on :nice: Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me on the GT500 front end.
    2. kooldawg6
      Most of my pics are on Flickr (kooldawg6). Feel free to browse at you leisure :) The big rear tires do feel heavy, but having 4.10s really helps! After they're on the car a while, I don't notice the lack of performance UNTIL I either put the stockers or the 265" DRs back on!!!!!
    3. nuttinbutstang
      hi where can i check out all of your stangs pix? im in love with your suspension and tire measurements. i had a couple questions to ask u but i forgot what they were. im purchasing an s197 in the future i was just wondering how your stang handles in the freeway with those mods. do the rear tires feel heavy?
    4. kooldawg6
      It popped up a bit. One day I might get around to removing it and drilling the other two holes...maybe. It's been like that for nearly two years now.
    5. Defiance GT
      Defiance GT
      hey how does the sides of your spoiler sit because i just did the gt500 install and it went really well except the sides don't stick down all the way. did this happen to you
    6. kooldawg6
      Sweet looking ride, whtcan! It definitely looks better with the 20s off of there and the black chrome looks so at home with the VB!!!!!
    7. whtcanbrwnd04u
    8. kooldawg6
      Thanks, whtcanbrwnd04u! Any pics of your ride?
    9. whtcanbrwnd04u
      Nice ride man, our cars look really similiar! =)
    10. kooldawg6
      You will need many new parts with the GT500 front bumper. It requires new wheel liners, radiator cover, headlights, wiring harness, upper and lower grille and various other small parts (fasteners). I got the front end kit (minus hood and emblems) from Clevenger Ford out in CA for $1670 shipped! The hood is the Steeda street cowl. They don't advertise the height, but I'd guess it to be 2.5-3".
    11. Defiance GT
      Defiance GT
      i love ur gt500 wing and hood. what kinda hood is that a 3in cowl?
    12. Defiance GT
      Defiance GT
      now for the gt500 bumper will i need new gt500 headlights and grill or can i keep the stocks?
    13. kooldawg6
      Thanks, Defiance!
    14. Defiance GT
      Defiance GT
      ur car is ****in sick man props to u
    15. kooldawg6
      Thanks for the kudos!
      I currently have the GT500 front conversion.
    16. 89StangGT50
      Hey, GREAT tutorial on the rear spoiler. Question for you, which front bumper is that, it looks like a '10, real badass
    17. kooldawg6
      Thanks! LOL to your priorities decision!!!!! Both the mirrors and spoiler will reduce your vision, but IMO, it was well worth the trade off! Neither of them hinder my driving after a few weeks getting used to them.
    18. Sgt_Rock
      Just found you "how to" post on the mirrors...another great job!! Only one problem, now I have to decide on priorities...mirrors or spoiler or exhaust, or....
    19. Sgt_Rock
      Cool, Thanks for the info...BTW, outstanding "how to" post on the rear spoiler. Based on that post, I've decided to do the same. Time to spend some (more) money.
    20. kooldawg6
      Yes, those are the Agent 47 retro mirrors. The install was fairly easy. The only hang ups I had were trying to "pop" off the OEM glass from the motors without thinking it was going to break and pulling the wiring out of the OEM housings. Turns out I didn't have to remove the plastic internals...later saw a post where it's possible to remove the wiring without further dismantle.
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    Central VA
    2006 GT Premium


    -Black Chrome FR500(18x9 & 18x10)
    -Dunlop SP 9000 275/40 285/50
    -FRPP K Springs
    -FRPP Damper Kit
    -Steeda HD upper stut mounts
    -Steeda Front/Rear Sway Bars
    -Steeda adjustable panhard bar
    -J&M lower control arms
    -J&M LCA relocation brackets
    Best MPG:
    24.6(after above mods)
    Best 1/4 mile:
    [email protected]