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Mar 22, 2013
    1. hoodrich racing
      hoodrich racing
      If you want them. I want $1000 plus shipping to you. It's a brand new kit everything is sill in the box. I evern upgraded the rotors to sloted and zinc plated one's. I even bought the plate that elliminates the brake booster to make the brakes manual. And get rid of the wight the bosster adds. That costed me $150 plus the powder coated calipers were $200. And $200 for the rotors. And you give me another $100 and I will sell you the front cailpers that are the matching one"s to the rear one's. I spent $1350 plus shipping for this kit. The other dude that was going to buy them was selling me dreams. so if you want them holla back at me. Thanks Alot Sir. Have a nice day.
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