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    1. Billy England
      Billy England
      Anyone know why do all of the factory rocker arms tick in a 5.0 302 mustang?
    2. sandman170
      i was trying to find out if i have a set of pi heads on my 02 gt. i just bought the car and they said they put an 03 motor in it because the 02 motor got blown up. is there any way of telling with out taking it apart? it only has 1 coolant sensor that i can find at the front of the intake. the oil fill is on the passenger side and the front intake runner is on the drivers and the rear runner is on the passengers side. thanks for the help.
    3. 97predator
      Hey hows it going? I saw you a master mechanic so wanted to ask a question about a new clutch. My car has 109000 miles on it and has recently installed 3.73 gears, longtubes, mid pipe, and cat back. The factory clutch threw in the towel so its time for a replacement. I was trying to choose between putting in a Centerforce DF or the 03-04 CObra clutch and a new OEM flywheel. I am leaning towards the cobra as it is less expensive and if it holds the cobra's power, my sohc wont even be a blip on the radar. Should I install a factory replacement or an FRPP steel flywheel? I looked on summit and the nodular iron frpp f/w is lighter than the steel... What would you recomend?
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