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PLEASE DO NOT Post on this wall... I do not watch this page. PLEASE post in a technical forum where someone can answer your question. Nov 14, 2013

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    1. MRaburn
      PLEASE DO NOT Post on this wall... I do not watch this page. PLEASE post in a technical forum where someone can answer your question.
    2. Richard316
      I have purchased 68 Fastback GT, 302 J code, am having engine gone through, but heads have the following 2D15 on one, the other 2D29, am I understand that means these are from a 72 car? if so the seats are hardened?
    3. Joe Garcia
      Joe Garcia
      I brought a 65 mustang coupe that I have being working on , I ,ve replaced the radiator w/ a 3 row one, for a 289 one. cked the curve on the cooling fan, Added a shroud, got the heads reworked, even pulled the therostat and it stills heats up quickly when standing still, FYI-the motor is not a 289( some parts are 289, some are 302, and the timing is 351 firing order, Any ideas???
    4. BIGDOG56
      I have a 1990 LX 5.0 5speed.I replaced the frontend . I labeled all the wiring connectors before unpluging,after installing the battery the running lights come on and stay on, also the gauge cluster dosent work.I removed all the grnd. wires and sanded to bare metel and reinstalled. I also took the gage cluster to a friend that has an 89 5.0 ,installed it and it works ok.
    5. tulsadrags
      I have a 1964.5 mustang that has disk brakes in the front and rear. I have a problem with lower ball joints in the front. I have ordered two sets and both are (100) hundred thousand two small. Any ideas where I might find some information? I also have a stroked 418 in the engine bay.
      Thanks in advance
      Bill Moore
      [email protected]
    6. charstoy
      Hello everybody! I am a new Mustang owner of a 1990 Mustang LX 5.0 but I'm not sure for how long if my husband can't figure out why the #2 and #7 cylinder fire when starting but not once in a running position? HeI just can't seem to get anywhere with this car and I would really like to be able to have some fun with it!
    7. tango5469
      Hello, I am a new Fox body owner fresh to these cars. Its an 88 GT 5.0 with a 5 speed unmolested. Needs a small restoration and plan on overhauling the engine. I dont want a massive power house just better than stock. What are some good minor mods for this? What size throttle body will work best and what all is involved with the Mass Air conversion besides a wide band O2? Thanks
    8. RDC58
      New to this site and blogging...I have a 2011 v6 con w/pony pkg. I'm looking to replace the upper and lower honeycomb grills with matching billet aluminum grills. Any suggestions of brands that will work well?
      Thanks in advance!
    9. stevestang90gt
      Just wondering can anyone tell me how hard it is and about how long it would take to change out my atock heads and put on rpm edlebrock performer heads on I just picked up today, or should I get someone else to do it and about how much $$ it would take (ballpark figure)-I have supercharger(novi 2000)on car now also!
      1. tulsadrags
        I would say about three to four hours to change them out.
        Oct 30, 2013
    10. Barb
      New to this blogging! Don't know where to go to ask my question. We have a 74 mustang II mach I that is a project car. We have all the parts, just want to find a place in Phoenix, AZ that will purchase the car as is (very needy) to be rebuilt or sold as parts. Time is of the essence and just need help in looking in the right direction. Thanks for any response.
    11. MyStang01
      My 2001 3.8 mustang had the coil pack go bad, it would still drive, just really rough. I drove it to town, about 12 miles when I turned it off and started it back, it drove about 15 feet and died, would not start back.Got a coil pack and replaced it and it still won't start back. What should my next step be?
    12. chadsfords
      Had a small conversation started with couple members and i cant respond. I cant do anything but view what has been posted. Whats wrong any help would be great
    13. chadsfords
      I just wanna talk to some ford guys i only have one friend that likes fords so i just wanna expand the little world of ford i live in
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    14. Reed Reese
      Reed Reese
      Hello every one my name is
      Reed. I joined this form to contact all of the Saleen budget owners to clear up my knowledge and to make a few more budget car owner friends!! I own a 1998 Saleen budget car number 2. It is one of one. It is lazed red with black interior, magnesium wheels, black convertible top, and has a 4.6L and has silver chevrons. My car is from LAX airport in Los angles.
      1. Reed Reese
        Reed Reese
        It was originally auction to a dealer in rainbow city, Al. The was sold to a man named Dave C. In boston, Mass. He was driving the car one night and ran through a water puddle and sucked up water Into the cold air intake which locked up the engine. Him and his father were going to put a 1999 cobra engine in it and got into some family problems...
        Sep 28, 2013
      2. Reed Reese
        Reed Reese
        The car sat for 10 years under a pine tree in Boston. The car now sits in my garage back in odenville, Al So to be running and back on the road to Long Island NY in august of next year!
        Sep 28, 2013
    15. ncdixie
      Hi guys, new to the forum and am a female :) I am looking for deep dish rear wheels for my 05 Mustang GT. I have a set of black billet 17" would trade if anyone is interested. These are only a few months old. Would like a strut brace as well or any dress up parts. thanks
    16. WhiteSparkle
      Hey I'm in need of naming my white mustang with blue stripes and I was hoping anyone could help me out? Share your favorites
    17. fordhands
      MRaburn I have a 67 Mustang which was garaged for the past 11yrs w/65K original miles. I plan to do all of the mechanical work and send it out for the bodywork. I plan to rebuild the engine(289) and trans etc... I have a large 1 bay garage at my home where the work will be done. Where should I start, this is will be my retirement car, this is my first restoration. The body is in good shape.
    18. jon1475
      MRaburn I need help editing or deleting some information that I posted by mistake and I need to find out how to PM other members. Where can I find out how to do this?
    19. fordman7
      i did a power steering delete and ac delete and a smog pump delete , im wondering the correct size belt to run with the stock pulleys? its a 91 5.0 motor any help would be greatly appreciated
    20. Barn1
      MRaburn - do you know how to track VIN to verfify it's a 35th anniversary edition mustang? 1999 4.6l with anniversarty logs. Thank you
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