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PLEASE DO NOT Post on this wall... I do not watch this page. PLEASE post in a technical forum where someone can answer your question. Nov 14, 2013

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    1. 1988GT4.6MOD
      Inherited a '88 GT with a 4.6 SOHC swap. Done a lot of work over the last three years, ready to marry the '02 with the '88. Looking for help, tips. Yup, my Avatar is my car
    2. Punisher05
      How do we follow you, noob here with a well known ride!
      1. Punisher05
        Never mind!
        Sep 9, 2013
    3. Marcos12
      Hello - Can you tell me how to upload photos for my profile pic, and also for uploading photos on threads? Please advise. Thanks!
      1. MRaburn
        You have to be a member for a bit before you are given access
        Sep 7, 2013
    4. JJ's lil302
      JJ's lil302
      I'm new to this sight and have read some of the comments on champion radiators and would like to get some input on them. I have a 1969 coupe I have had rebuilt boring it .30 over adding a better cam , I have a 3 row heavy duty radiator in now it runs fine on highway but in traffic and cruising runs very warm does anyone have some information.
    5. richard101
      I Just Perches A 03 Raush Stage 1 Mustang Convertible 3.8 V6 5 Speed On My Way Home I Punched It In Second Gear @ 3500-4000 RPMs It Started Bucking & Jumping Engine Shuts Off & On Anyone Have A Clue What's Wrong ??? I Am New On Here
      1. 1988GT4.6MOD
        rev limiter
        Sep 10, 2013
    6. wjphillips
      O.K. I am new too.... I am restoring an 85 5.0 gt. i am trying to see if anybody has put a 3g alternator on the CARBURATED 85. And how and just what i can remove with the Smog pump? Please anybody tell me where to go? and I am in desperate need of the headlight header panel... called prestige already and latemodel restoration. SO? Any help greatly appreciated, Thanks
    7. jethro pernice
      jethro pernice
      Hi all, I am new to the forum. I purchased a 88 gt 8 mos ago, just got done dropping in a 351w stroker, 408 C.I.D. I did my last mustang 20 years ago when I was 22. Its been a while, glad to be onboard.
      1. wjphillips
        Nice. Are you anywhere close to central West Virginia?
        Aug 16, 2013
    8. Jersey Jeff
      Jersey Jeff
      I am looking for a 2001 hardtop base roof rail, drivers side. Does anybody have an affordable suggestion? New or used in good shape. Thanks much.
    9. 5.0 Ford Guy
      5.0 Ford Guy
      Why are people writing this stuff in your profile? Nice Mustangs sir. Can I come drive the "Built to Cruise" car? That thing is a work of art.
    10. alqt50
      Convert my '86 5.0 mustang w/ manual transmission from MAP sensor to MAf sys.Replace the orig. EEC w/ '89 EEC (p/n-E9ZF-12A650-D2A)follow wiring changes list I got from the vendor. Runs great,some how the RPM suddenly goes up @ 2k every now and then Idle or running position. I shut off the engine and turn it back on and it goes back to normal Idling. Not smart move on the freeway. Appreciate feedback or help.
    11. must6669ango
      Inf new dealer installed longblock ho with gt40 cobra intake bbk tb.coldair intake bbk high f low cats prob came fr om old engine now on new engine all new senors allof them could pegin fry the maf
    12. must6669ango
      Mass air code new one comin test signal wile driving vlt eratic on decleration old met err sumit brand it never fixd my original prob no power into shift ajust tps and trtl plate now problem on aclratn could somthin fry the maff this will b third one
    13. trusty12
      i have a 2001 mustang with a ac problem the air flows to the defrost vents so i pulled the flap up for a temp fix. does anyone know how the vacuum lines work in this model 2001 mustang base 3.8 v-6.
      any ideas.
    14. S197vista
      Greetings all! New member s197VISTA
    15. Roush11
      I'm removing my engine in my ’11 and would like to post it as being for sale soon. It shows I haven't privileges to do this. How can I obtain this? Thanks!
    16. Lorelei Milligan
      Lorelei Milligan
      Hi y'all. New to forum. '99 coupe.

      Passenger window won't go up or down with driver's switch. Only goes down with passngr switch. (All 3 switches work on driver's side for driver's window.) We flipped 2 wires that go to motor and window would only go up. Got reconditioned motor, same problem. Reconditioned motor is bad? Any suggestions? Read some forums, but nothing specific to this problem.
      1. chadsfords
        Not sure but maybe a relay prob. I only have manual windows cause of those kind of window probs. If a relay controls them tuen switchin wires wont cure it cause that still makes the relay circuit work the same way. Window motors are high torque so there should be relays involved
        Oct 4, 2013
    17. Bears50
      M Raburn- as a new member how does one post a new blog-message.

      I am looking to determine a new member code so I can apply for a discount on a Mustang Parts site.

      Thank you.
    18. terryd001
      how do i post a new thread im trying to get some ideas of whats wrong with my fox
      1. chadsfords
        I tryin to figure how to post stuff too good luck to both of us
        Oct 4, 2013
    19. blkdemon
      Back in the seat of a 90gt , feels good being back in the garage looking for rwhp!!
    20. 1badhrc
      91 coupe....seems like the injectors aren't working
      1. chadsfords
        U need noid lights to check injector pulse signals also i think u can slip a test light (led style so test light doesnt spike voltage) and u should be able to determine atleast a couple of signal pulses
        Oct 4, 2013
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