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PLEASE DO NOT Post on this wall... I do not watch this page. PLEASE post in a technical forum where someone can answer your question. Nov 14, 2013

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    1. GT4CN
      Hi, New to Forum. Really would like to find a RED GT/CS stripe for my 2007. Any ideas? Thanks, Cindi
    2. Peter O'Leary
      Peter O'Leary
      Do you have any idea what parts (if any) of the 2011-2014 interior could be used in a 2005-2010. I like the exterior body style of the 2005-2010 but like the door panels, the lighted door sills, the whole interior lighting, and the dash of the 2011-2014 better. It is a "simple" swap or is there alot of cutting- or just won;t fit?

      Please let me know if you can help or direct me some place who can answer this.
    3. Robstang94
      Hi, I have a 94' 5.0 and recently acquired a 68' stang w/289. I'm looking for silver y2k 18" cobra rims. A 94 and up complete dash and center console in black. Thanks.
    4. rustyknutz81
      I have a 03 rousch stage 3 with under 3000 hit a pole center frt cracking the block and wrecking the supercharger.I'm looking for a rreplacement motor.Maby a cobra or? Anyone got a bullet for sale?
    5. AUcobra
      Hey Mike! It's been awhile, but I used to come by Pro3i and hangout with You and Chuck when I was in school at Auburn. My name is Eric and at the time I had an 01 mineral gray gt that Chuck was using to take measurements for an engine project. I've since upgraded to an 03 cobra! Anyways, I thought I would drop in and say hello!
      1. MRaburn
        How are things!? Hope life is treating you well.
        Jun 13, 2013
      2. AUcobra
        Everything is good here! Wish I was still in Auburn, but there is a pretty large mustang group up here. Anyways, hope everything is going good for you as well, and next time I'm down there I'll try to stop by!
        Jun 13, 2013
    6. Jurmo
      New to the forum. I have an '07 V6. I just put a BBK CAI and 70mm throttle body, and I am looking to put a different exhaust. Nothing big, just replace the muffler. I am stuck between the Borla Axel-Back and the Flowmaster American Thunder. What do you all think?
      1. chadsfords
        Borla is good flowmasters sound hollow but magnaflow should be way to go
        Oct 4, 2013
    7. sterling coyote
      sterling coyote
      MRaburn l am looking for help I have owned everything from a 66 coupe to 79 cobra 86 svo 88gt 97gt I now own a 2013 gt w/t the track pack this car runs great but has severe. wheel hop to the point I feel like its going to break any help would be greatly appreciated.
    8. FLGator
      Mike, I am looking for a price on system 15150. You helped my with my last Mustang (traded my 06 GT for a 13 Boss). If this is Mike, I am not sure if you remember me as I am sure you have dealt with many folks. Anyway, to recap I am retired Air Force and have been on Stangnet for some time (and several other Mustang/racing related forums). Thanks.
    9. BlackedOutBKR
      New to the forum! Currently bought a 2003 mustang GT, looking to add several upgrades very soon!
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    10. 14stang41042
      Hi, all! New to this forum. Onto my 5th Mustang, 2014 sterling grey GT/CS. Just checking it out.
      1. MRaburn likes this.
    11. Queenlexii
      Hi there! New to the forum, just here looking for ways to learn more about my S197 and how to modify it myself. Looking forward to all the info this forum has to offer.
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    12. Tallpockets
      Hi I am also new to the thread. I am working on a 1973 Mach1. Replacing waterpump, fuel pump, etc. The waterpump has some vacume lines and the plastic nipples were old a broke. Anyone know where to get replacement parts? Thanks
      1. chadsfords
        Those lines should be hooked to a thing thermostatic control switch that causes a main vacuum line to make others flow when warmed up. Napa should carry those
        Oct 4, 2013
    13. SMITH'12
    14. micgrdnr38
      Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and have a 1995 mustang and I am going to put a 5.0 or 351 in it. My first attempt to do major work on a car.
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      2. chadsfords
        Guessin its a v6 but both engines should bolt up but there may be power concerns with the trans if u get crazy. Beautiful car and the 302 is easier but the windsor is nasty
        Oct 4, 2013
    15. KING COBRA!!!!
      KING COBRA!!!!
      I am new to this forum. Just got my first stang back in april
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    16. brownb2
      Hey everybody I'm new to the forum look forward to the help and posting.
      1. chadsfords
        Likewise and good luck
        Oct 4, 2013
    17. Soupy078
      I'm new to this forum, but have a question. Can someone point me to the instruction page or instruct me on replacing the front glass runs on a 67 Mustang 2 Door HT?
    18. sgmach1
      Hi: I have a 1970 Mach 1, I pulled the steering shaft out of the column and when I put it back in it won't turn the wheels any help would be appreciated
    19. fordfam428
      how do i start a thread?? i have urgent questions to discuss, but no way of knowing how to post them on here. thanks
      1. MRaburn
        Hit the main forums and pick a topic forum and post a question...
        Apr 24, 2013
    20. Roanstang
      Nice pony, I like the forums here. If I didn't have candy paint i'd love to stripe my pony. Keep it up!
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