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Founder, from Auburn, AL

Admin Dude

PLEASE DO NOT Post on this wall... I do not watch this page. PLEASE post in a technical forum where someone can answer your question. Nov 14, 2013

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Dec 16, 2014 at 9:16 PM
    1. mustangbrady
      I am wondering what I need to do? I am putting a 89 302 in a 95 body what all do I need to do?
    2. Tubes
      New to the forum. I really like the community and seems to be pretty casual. Living in the Northwest looking for fellow stangers.
    3. jibloni
      Hey there bud im new to this forum and I was kinda woundering if you might be able to give me a few pointers. I have an 04 GT that i need some help with
    4. BigSlipDaddy
      Hello Mr. Raburn! I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time reading and absorbing all of the information on this site. It looks like this is the place in cyberspace to be.
    5. 07Dragonslayer
      Hello Mr. Raburn! Nice site you have here! One question for you: Where would I look to find meetings, get togethers...ect of other Mustang enthusiasts in my neck of the woods here in NW Georgia?
    6. FLGator
      MRaburn, does the "M" stand for Mike? If so, I think we have corresponded in the not too far distant past.
      1. MRaburn
        Yep, thats me! :)
        Aug 9, 2012
    7. MRaburn
    8. Matthew Bunton
      Matthew Bunton
      How much for a non-catted x-pipe with catback system. shipped to APO address (military)
      1. MRaburn
        Matthew, the boxes are too big to go USPS so there is no way to ship a system to you that way. Sorry.
        Aug 4, 2012
    9. 93foxmustang
      new to the forum.....i have a 1993 mustang, I have tried to rethread the thermostat housing driver side hole myself but seems like the threads want to come out instead of fixing itself. My other guess would be for a helicoil insert. Has anyone performed a helicoil on this hole without having to remove the lower intake or water pump? trying to get ths done without having to pull everything off.

    10. MRaburn
      Just wishing this HOT Summer would go away so I could take BTC for a Cruise. :)
    11. Kona Blue
      Kona Blue
      Kona Blue 2012 Mustang GT Automatic Upstate NY Have alot of changes to make.
    12. foncarelli
      I have two mustangs a supercharged 2000 and a 2011 GT. Cant really afford to do any more mods to the 2011 but the 2000 is finished except for a custom paint job that i am designing myself. I have been away from Stang Net for awhile but i have been a member since 03
      1. MRaburn likes this.
      2. MRaburn
        Well welcome back!!
        Jul 19, 2012
    13. dagator-stang
      Hi. I'm having issue's trying to find the wiring for the a/c on my 1990 5.0? Can anyone help? The original owner removed the system and i'm trying to get it up and running. This Fl heat is killing me.
      1. chadsfords
        Ground one terminal and the other terminal goes to low pressure switch. High pressure switch controls fan unless u have a machanical fan the clutch is an electomagnet so it shouldnt matter which termial. Start there
        Oct 4, 2013
    14. fortino gomez
      fortino gomez
      HI im restoring my mother inlaws 1966 ford mustage she wanted me to upgrade the brake system and put a power booster in she has a 289cc 2 barrel
      but the part stores say they need to know the exact built date to get and exact fit the if it was built 1\5\1966 is different than a 1\6\1966 can anyone help the Vin# 6R07c144016
    15. Jrod0985
      Auburn, AL huh?....War Eagle...that is all haha
    16. jonie
      could anyone tell me on a 1999 ford mustang is there a vin number on the door itself i am rebuilding a salvage car and its almost done but i noticed that there was no stickers on the door itself just the door jam and the older cars had both any help would be greatly appreciated thanks guys
      1. chadsfords
        Most of the time the stickers on door jams get lost every car has the vin code lower left of the windshield
        Oct 4, 2013
    17. JoelRR93
      I'd like to sell some parts. where do i go.
      1. MRaburn
        On the Forums homepage, scroll down to the Classfieds section.
        May 17, 2012
    18. <ul id="eAuthUnit">
      <ul id="eAuthUnit">
      um ok
      im a ghost in the machine
    19. 74brnc
      Hello, proud owner of two Mustangs an a couple of Broncos, to say the least the barn is full. Look forward to exploring your site and meeting other pony owners.
    20. Stang a long
      Stang a long
      Hi I am a long time mustang owner who has owned almost every body style made! looking for new products and idea for Mustang II project . Was refured here from the mustang II NET work!
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    Auburn, AL
    Pro3 Industries, Inc.



    Michael Raburn

    1986 GT
    1967 Mustang Fastback - (Build)
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