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Feb 19, 2001
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Car used in adult film "Highway Gangbang-InDaButt", Male, from Massachusetts

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Dec 19, 2014 at 5:59 PM
    1. bill bruce
      bill bruce
      so I have a 65 coup and wanting to know the tire size to put on it for the correct look
    2. ReplayMan
      I'm hoping you may be able to help with an issue I have. I have a '91 LX that has the Ford M-2300-K, 4 wheel disc kit. I am now installing a 5.0 Coyote motor and have to switch over to the Hydro boost brake system. I recently purchased a 99-03 GT system off eBay. My question I need a Cobra hydrobooster to go with my Cobra brakes? Or is the GT hydrobooster the same?
      1. Mustang5L5
        There are some minor differences in the hydroboost setups, but they should all work the same. I would venture to say that setup will work for your brakes. Good luck
        Jan 24, 2014
    3. nicholas domenicone
      nicholas domenicone
      i have a question about my fox body brake conversion that i want to do when i get home, i want to stay four lug and swap to disc brakes all around. in your opinion what is the best/easiest way to go about this without breaking the bank to much?
      1. Mustang5L5
        Look into a 87-88 thunderbird turbo coupe rear brake setup. Same brakes as the 1993 cobra. Won't have to touch the front brakes, but you'll need to upgrade booster and MC to 1993 cobra parts. stainless steel brake lines would be an added bonus
        Oct 21, 2013
    4. stangaddiction
      My friend has a 91 with a 347, it only has few hundred miles on it and he says that there is a popping sound coming from the oil pan. What could this be? He also says the car feels like its braking on its own, wierd I know. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks
    5. 90lxwhite
      What gear did you end up going with when you didn't like the 3.73? I'm tired of mine as well
    6. Chrismc
    7. Doomstein
      I saw that you did a steering wheel swap from an SN-95, I was wondering if you think a 90 horn brush would work on a 1984. I'm don't know if the three contact pins are oriented the same.

      *edit* Derp, found the answer to my own question at the salvage yard today, not a direct fit. Thanks anyway.
    8. mustangmitch87lx 5.0
      mustangmitch87lx 5.0
      i like a woman that has knowledge of mustangs
    9. brutus143
      Hi, Im new to the site and see you may be the man to help me out. I just purchased a 90 lx, my last 5.0 was back in 98 so its been a long while! First thing I want to upgrade is the brakes and saw your thread but to be honest Im stll not clear what I need possibly since I have read some much contradicting info.
    10. Rick 91GT
      Rick 91GT
      I saw you were looking for A/C brackets, I know I have a few sets let me know what you need.. [email protected]
    11. pw91lx
      Thanks alot what year are they out of
    12. pw91lx
      What are the details on the Mach 1 Springs I think I'm going to pick up a set. Did yo uget the from a junk yard or did you buy them new form somewhere?
    13. Myers407
      Where did you find the new contact ring for your horn in the fox body?
    14. pw91lx
      I saw your car in a cut spring thread. I like the mach 1 and how your car sits. What size are you rims and tires? any rubbing at all? thanks for the help and again the car looks good
    15. Gator72106
    16. I candy
      I candy
      just wnanted to sorry about my post of what my engine and trans was worth. i really didn't know that it was a violation.

      there really is nothing on honolulu craigslist that i could compare too. and looking in the SN classfied as was not showing what i was trying to get rid of.

      also i wasn't selling it on the forums here. i'm in hawaii and not much of us on this forum. we have a local site but i wanted to ask stangnet for a fair price before i posted localy.

      sorry for the hassles.
    17. D-BOI
      beautiful stang bud, i love it
    18. davidohio
      since the 89's mass air and has power everything and the 87 ecu and car dont have power anything is this swap still possible
    19. hsean
      do you have any pics of the rear seat installation i have the same seat that i just picked up and they look flatter for some reason.i would like to see how you attached them to the floor. i didn't see anything in your progress thread.thanks
    20. wacki
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    --1988 Mustang LX 5.0L-
    Black w/black interior conversion, SN95 F&R leather seats, T-5 swap, M2300K brakes, Mach 1 springs
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