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Dec 2, 2002
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Mustang Master, from TX

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Apr 21, 2014 at 8:39 AM
    1. nick sands
      nick sands
      hey for the turbo kit u put up on the thread i started, do u need different headers and suspension to run it? i decided to hell with the smog stuff as i go to a place that will use a smog passing car in place of mine

      edit: i dont need different headers but i think ill get some anyway
    2. harrisonfiveo
    3. harrisonfiveo
      Hey Man, I just seen a picture of your yellow cobra on a post about wheel options and it looks awesome! What size wheels and tires are you running, if you dont mind me asking? Im looking for different options for my 04 yellow mach and am having a tough time deciding. Thanks for any info!
    4. Nightfire
      To tell you the truth, I never installed them. I knew that they were for a vert and because verts are heavier, I didn't think that they would drop a coupe low enough for my liking. I didn't want to go through the trouble of swapping in the sportlines and not liking the drop, so I just went with some H&R's off the bat. The sportlines have been sitting in the box in my garage since I bought them off you lol.

      I offered them to this guy who has an 01 GT vert for $150 and he wants them I made $50 after all is said and done lol!

    5. mazen189
      They're for a convert. But, I had them for so long. I've never noticed a difference. Someone actually told me they wouldnt make a difference because the spring rate is slightly different. Prolly making it a stronger spring becuase converts have less structure and more body roll than coupes. Why you selling? too low?
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    02 GT
    Manley Forged
    D1 Procharged
    TCI Stalled
    FRPP Geared
    ...and much more


    2002 4.6 SOHC Mustang GT

    Procharger D1SC
    3.0" HOB pulley
    Procharger Big Red race BOV
    Mishimoto 4-core intercooler
    VMP PMAS blow-through MAF
    Diablosport MAFia

    Stage 3 ported/polished PI heads
    5-angle valve job & gasket matched
    Comp Cams beehive valve springs
    MMR valve seals
    MMR adjustable lifters
    MMR Pro-Ti valves
    MMR valve guides
    Manley forged H-beam rods
    Manley forged pistons (-18cc notched)
    Moly rings
    MMR forged crank
    Clevite rod/main bearing
    ARP 2000 fasteners
    MMR water pump
    MMR billet oil pump

    MAC ceramic-coated longtube headers
    MAC O/R Prochamber
    MAC Flowpath catback

    TCI StreetFighter 3200 stall torque converter
    B&M Supercooler transmission cooler
    FRPP 4.10 gears

    FRPP Aviator 310lph fuel pump
    Kenne Bell 40-amp Boost-a-Pump
    Lethal Performance FPDM wiring upgrade
    Siemens Deka 60lb injectors




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