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    1. borgeklungerbo

      I read your article about installing an aftermarket radio in a mustang.

      I have a shaker 1000 unit in my 2005 mustang and am about to install the DNX 8120.
      I am not sure if you are able to answer these questions, but i would highly appreachiate it.

      I have tried to contact ford, crutchfield, and kenwood and none of them are able to answer me.

      The 2 Blue/White wires from the small Metra Harness what are these for? I know they have some connections with the subs, but i thought the red/white connections from the same wiring harness was the subwoofers.
      The reason why i am asking is because there is only one place in the DNX8120 i can conncet subwoofers, and they fit with the red and white connectors comming from the J4.

      i saw you connected it to the Blue/White System Remote Control output from the avic unit, but i have no corresponding wire from the kenwood unit.

      I also have some questions about the dimmer wire. I believe the dimmer wire is supposed to be on the J1 pin #3 and #4, but in my car there is no wire in these spots. The unit still dims when i move the dimmer switch, so obviously there is a wire there somewhere. I am just curious if you are familiar with any other pin that might possibly be the dimmer wire.

      Also when you install an aftermarket radio you do not connect the J3 harness anymore. I am not fully aware of what purpose these wires serve. Do you?

      Like i said, i have contacted ford, several ford dealerships, crutchfield, and kenwood about these questions. None of them are able to answer my questions so i really hope you can help me.

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