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Mar 23, 2012
    1. RED98
      Hi Tom,
      The spacer and exhaust did perk up the car a little bit. It certainly sounds better than stock now, and I have the youtube video to prove it! YouTube - 1998 Mustang V6 with Flowmasters
      I noticed the Flowmasters got louder as the miles went by. I did not notice any drop in performance, and I was watching for it because I have heard that rumor too. What really tied it all together and made the car feel quicker was after all the mods were on, I got a Diablosport Predator tuner and flashed the car with it. My car is by no means a GT killer, but it's quicker than it was. It'll hang with a 99-04 V6 now, and they had 40 more hp from the factory. I'd do the same mods again if I had to. Hope this helps.. rate my youtube video 5 stars?? Thanks!
    2. dumbmick
      Hi Red98,
      I see that we have similar cars with the major exception that you have an auto. I have just put in a BBK CAI and I wanted to know if you feel all the mods you have done were worth it from a power/performance point of view. I'm considering doing a tb spacer and exhaust but I've had other cars where an exhaust with too high flow can actually take away power on the low end. Thanks for any help you can offer.
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    1998 Mustang V-6 Auto
    Upgrades: 3.55 gears, traction lock, BBK cold air intake, Flowmaster Force II dual exhaust, throttle body spacer, Diablosport tune, GT foglights, 16 inch GT wheels with Goodyear rubber, Cobra seats, much more.