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Nov 17, 2014
Jun 28, 2001
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Nov 17, 2014
    1. Detroiit
      Hey Tmoss, I have I have a polished cobra intake I would like ported. My name is Ken. Pm me if interested and I will send you my number.
    2. Stang714
      Hey Tmoss I've been hearing a lot of great things around this community of mustang lovers I have a 89 mustang 5.0 and I wanted to know how much you would charge me to port my stock plenum and lower manifold to the same port as the cobra gt40??
    3. slowfifty
      the email got returned to me
    4. slowfifty
      hi tmoss I sent you an email to email address
      mosstpsa'at'sbcglobal'dot'net thanks for the help
    5. flubyu
      Hi, everywhere i read on this forum you seem to be the go to guy as far as gt40 heads or intakes are concerned, so I was wondering if you would be willing to help me out. I have an SN95 car with none other than a 5.0 and over the winter plan on building a mild gt40 based setup. I bought a reman set of gt40p heads and a 94-95 cobra intake to match to eliminate the need for a throttle body adaptor. (that and i love the look of the old cobra intakes!) I was wondering how i might be able to finish this off. Your sig says you run the factory cam and I was wondering how that works for you or if you would have any suggestions on an aftermarket cam? With this combo, I was also wondering if it would be worth porting the cobra lower? I'm sorry to trouble you for all these answers haha and maybe I should be going to someone else for them, but I thought it would be worth trying a senior stangnet member first. Thanks for your time and insight!
    6. stangdanny
      Hi Tom hoping you're still in the business of porting... been reading your posts on the internet for months and am finally in need of your services... Upgrading my 95 cobra because my buddy gave me a deal on some track heat heads and an f303 cam (I know... not optimal but it was free...) Basically am planning on porting my cobra lower to the track heat heads and hoping for the best ( would be happy to near 300rwhp). wondering if you still port.. if so whats the going rate... im located in chicago... thanks... danny
    7. project67
      hi i was looking for some advice from you. i want to know what cam you would recommend or if you know someone that does custom cams. heres my setup: 93 lx hatchback 331 10.1 cr, 3.73 gears, t5 trans, ported gt40 cobra heads w/the cobra 1.7 crane rockers, stock cobra dual valve springs. the upper/lower are explorer and are also ported. i need to get as much power as possible and still keep it smog legal and not have too much lift for the springs. i love the guys on the forums but there is a lot of mis-infirmation also. i know your opinion is very respected so i though i'd ask you directly. thanks for your help.
    8. tmoss
      Sorry for the misses here guys but I don't get a notice for these messages - please anyone who wants to contact me - send me an email at:

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    Saint Louis, MO
    Engineering,Construction,Facilities Mgt.
    88 GT Convertible
    Life long racer/rodder



    Tom Moss
    88 5spd GT vert, 3:73s, Crower 15511, GT40P heads (1.85/1.55), Jet-Hot coated MAC P headers, Stock H, dumped Flowmasters (2k drone is gone), Holley SM2 intake, 70mm TB and 19# injectors :flag: