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    1. SiahNyde
      Hey, couldn't figure out how to PM, so I'm hoping this works...Possibly interested in a wiring diagram for a 1999 Mustang GT...Thanks!
    2. sudahi51
    3. mingzstang2001
      wondering if u could hook me up with wiring diagram for 2001 gt convertible,having pats issues here as well
    4. reddmann
      Know anything about Calibration codes? Got a tuner waiting and my remanufactured Comp doesn't have any labels on it, neither doesn the door jam, plus a scan tool wont give the Cal Codes. Any suggestions?
    5. raven290
      Could I get those wiring diagrams you were talking about?
    6. Dan1962
      I'd love wiring diagrams for my 2000 Mustang 3.8 if you are willing to share. I am getting ready to debug my crank but no start problem and this will help. Thanks!
    7. Zmach1man
      I Saw one of your posts and I think you're the only one that can help me with me problem! I rebuilt a Mach 1 motor and I'm having problems getting to start. please let me know so I can send you the details, any bit of advice would be great help.
    8. nikctp
      hey bro im looking for the manual for a 2000 mustang gt
    9. david2014
      im ineresetd in the service manual thanks and any info on abs thanks
    10. JhMustangGT03
      I'm interested in the 2003 GT wiring diagrams.
    11. shaunspengler
      hey bro i was wondering if you could send me the info on how to do a heater core replacment? it would be much aperciated=}
    12. BlakieMoeStang
      Thank wmburns the tip on routing the spark plug wires like the factory works fine now
    13. Frankenstang838
      Hey man, long time no see. I got a problem that i know you can help me with. My ECC is staying in open loop mode and throwing no DTC"s at all. The scan tool i used kept telling me that obd2 system not ready, and the EVAP and CAT on the display were flashing as not ready. i drove it around for aout 2 hours, making stops and shutting it off like normal, hooked it back up and same thing.
    14. alanhoggard
      That would be great! I cannot find wiring diagrams for this anywhere.
      Any help with the new wiring would be great too!
      Thanks, Alan
    15. Mirrahasmycar
      Hey Wmburns,

      I saw that you swapped a romeo in to your 00 stang, I'm in need of a new motor (rod knock) and it seems that the romeos are plentiful and the windsors are overpriced, could I make an 05 romeo from a merc grand marquis or similar work? I found a grand marquis engine with 8k for a pretty good deal, my mechanic buddy is worried that its gonna be a huge pita, requiring alot of extra costs, will it bolt up to the 00 transmission (5spd), I'm thinking take all the electronics, the intake, exhaust, oil pan from the 00 windsor? new flywheel (6 bolt on romeo?) engine mounts, is that it?

      I play ice hockey too!

      Thanks in Advance,
      Mirrahasmycar - AJ
      2000 gt vert
    16. daveinit
      Hi wmburns, I wanted to continue our conversation and thought I'd send you a message separate from the thread. I agree with you 110% regarding the importance of posting the final outcome or solution to a particular problem discussed on a forum. As soon as I was sure I'd nailed the problem I couldn't wait to share my success story with the forum. It's frustrating to read a forum thread which is never updated with the eventual outcome of the particular problem discussed. I bought my 2001 Mustang used in July '04 and the "hot weather problem" first happened to me within a year. Little did I know that a single bad crimp connection was making the car's performance suffer since the day it rolled off the lot (because it was installed when the vehicle was new). I always wondered why the original owner wanted to sell it with only 25,000mi. A woman owned it who probably got stranded on a hot day one too many times! Thanks for celebrating with me. daveinit
    17. ragenrebel
      just wanted to say ty man for the help. my car ran fine today.
    18. GDawg
      Hockey...? In Texas...? LOL!
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