'05 Mustang GT Premium - Track Ready for HPDE, Etc. - $28000

Discussion in 'S197 Mustangs For Sale' started by fstncln, Feb 15, 2010.

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    Car was set up to be used for weekend track days, time attacks, etc. Is registered in CA yet has all the good stuff you need to run on a road course on the weekends. Engine makes over 510 HP at the flywheel (461 measured by JBA, at the wheels) with smog legal CARB/EO parts. Torque is over 400 at the wheels from 3200 - 6000 rpm. This car really pulls out of the corners as well as in a straight line. Over $35,000 in mods including racing brake setup (totally streetable, have 2 sets of pads) with functional brake cooling ducts), fully adjustable (compression, rebound, height) KW Variant 3 coilover-based suspension, 1 pc. alum. driveshaft (saves 23 lbs.!), Currie 9" axle with 3.50 gear and TruTrac helical LSD (real smooth/progressive engagement), Autopower roll bar and safety harnesses, various body reinforcements (subframes, strut tower brace, etc.), carbon fiber cowl hood (1/2 the weight of stock), Fluidyne rad., JBA shorty headers with a full Magnaflow exhaust (also will give stock H-pipe for street use), B&M shifter, Spec Alum. flywheel and 3+ clutch setup, HID headlights (Ford OEM), Autometer gauges, and much, much more. All of this stuff was put on for magazine articles and was done right, there are no typical glitches or fit/finish issues; everything was done to an OEM quality level. The car was also custom tuned at JBA so the driveability is exceptional, you get 4 custom calibrations (plus stock) along with the tuning software and programmer as long as you assume the responsibility for them.

    The bottom line is you can drive this car anywhere, even coast to coast if you want. It will get good mpg (easy 20+ on the hwy) and be comfortable and trouble free both on long trips and on a daily basis. It was made to drive to the track, run in short (20 min. or so) HPDE type events and then be driven home. I just changed the brake pads, put in some racing seats, took out the subwoofer and amps from the trunk (I took the spare tire and left it with friends while I was on the track) and had another set of wheels and tires that I put on to race. I only did this a couple of times so the car is still in excellent condition with only 22k miles. It is not cut up or gutted in any way, it still has the rear seat in it which can be easily removed if you want to make the car track only. This car is perfect for someone who wants to run track days but still be able to drive the car on a daily basis OR wants to build a track only car for a production-based class. You're getting a heck of a deal as most of the parts don't even have 5,000 miles on them and the car just plain runs great because everything was done properly by professionals. This is not a car with a lot of stuff that was just thrown on, everything has been fully sorted out so there are no compromises. If you appreciate attention to detail you will love this car! It was featured in 13 Mustang Enthusiast magazine articles while it was being built up yet the car was still driven on a regular basis on the street so it's still in great shape. Look at the pictures and come see it it person, you'll see for yourself what a deal this is for what you're getting. I'm selling it because it's time to move on to another project for the magazine so I need to make room and start all over again on something else. Between the Blue Book value of the car (about $17k) and the cost of the upgrades (over $35k, not including the labor, tax, or shipping, etc.) you're getting a tremendous discount on a whole lot of almost new, high quality parts on a car in great shape. More importantly, it has been fully sorted out so it doesn't have any of the usual problems when you make this many changes. I'm not interested in trades and I won't take any of the parts off to sell them separately so don't ask. The beauty of this car is how well it works both on the street and on the track without compromising performance or usability on either. I know there won't be a whole lot of people who will be interested in it but those who are will be pleased with what they see if they come to see it. The car has been developed and refined to a very high level but there are still plenty of things you can do to go even further on the street and/or the track if you want to. We purposely limited how far we went in the magazine so we would stay within a certain cost range and be able to still use it on the street. Basically, we wanted to be able to provide the same or better overall performance than a GT500KR, Saleen 281 Extreme, or a Roush 427R Track Pak for a much lower total outlay. This car does that, often with the same or better parts than what those cars use. Those cars may have the "signature" and be considered collectible but this car is unique also because it was featured so many times as a magazine project car. All that aside, the performance you get for the price is far better than what you get with any of those signature cars where you pay a high premium for the name. If you're more interested in performance, usability and refinement than just a name give me (Frank) a call at 714-585-3129. At $28,000 this car is a steal but I need to move on to the next project car for the magazine so it's got to go. I'm happy to answer questions or to provide additional details. Photos are at: fstncln.smugmug.com/Cars/2005-Project-Track-Attack/8605715_aJZBk#631213573_2hiVm

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