SOLD 11-12 Gt Flowmaster American Thunder Axel Backs -"new"

Discussion in 'Exhaust Parts' started by beviking, May 17, 2013.

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    Just bought these from American Muscle. Installed them and they're too loud inside the car! It's too bad cuz outside the car, these things have a beastly-awesome sound! I put them on, took two trips, took them off so they are "New", barely used. Tips look awesome too! There are a couple scrapes on the black body, connection pipe from bouncing in the box. I repacked them with bubble wrap to prevent it from happening again. Paid just over $400 for them, shipping is going to be $50 so I'd like to get $350 total for them. Sucks for me to lose $100! Not so bad for you if you're looking for a set of these!

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